Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Finds - Mindy in Pink

My first name, Melinda, is one of those that isn't always on tourist mugs, license plates, or Christmas angels.  Neither is my nickname, Mindy.  Except for a the off chance Mork and Mindy references from baby boomers, I rarely heard by name in the media.  Then all of the sudden, Mindy Kaling debuted on the Office and Woody Allen directed Melinda & Melinda.  Not that either are household names (yet), but it went a long way in validating what I thought to be cool, but not overused names.

This week, I'm entertaining myself on my little commute with Mindy Kaling's recent book, "Is Everybody Hanging out without Me."  It extra fun because I can hear her actual voice in my head with a slight tinge of Kelly Kapoor on the side.  The more I thought about it, the more it seemed the perfect inspiration for Friday Finds.  I have the e-version, but I think the cover is really cute.  The wallpaper also reminds me of another coming of age, New York, female written comedy - "I was Told there'd be Cake." Almost makes me want to move to NYC.  Almost.

Clockwise from Top L:
Southern Dropout - 70s Vintage Pink Dress


  1. I loved Mindy's book! (I have the real life, not e-version, lol.) And I can definitely relate to the plight of never finding ANY light-up keychain license plates with my name!

  2. I loved that book. I read it in 6 hours and actually like it better than Tina Fey's. I know...gasp!

  3. I loved that book to pieces. I know Mindy and I are already bff in an alternate universe. LOL funny - couldn't put it down.