Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Weather Break down

Resorting to "Is not!"s and "Is too!"s, Mr. Palindrome and I were making no headway in our ongoing argument about the validity of the claim that San Francisco has "perfect weather."  Mr. Palindrome is strongly in the Yes camp while I sullenly cling to the No claims.

I finally looked up the hard stats so that I could prove a point.  First, I looked up the Durham, NC stats which looked pretty good to me. Click through to Wikipedia for a bigger picture, but the basics are that it usually doesn't get too cold, rarely snows, has a good mix of sun and rain and provides enough heat in the summer that you can work up a thirst and find lemonade refreshing.  All things quite important to me.

Probably the most convincing argument in my mind for San Francisco's non weather perfectness is the absence of seasons.  Just pulling together this graphic to show how the above data plays out made me nostalgic for leaves in the yard, grass and dustings of snow.  
For Mr. Palindrome's case, the 1374.6 hours of sunshine per year in Durham reinforce his case that San Francisco has much less rain and much more sun.  The chart below for San Francisco's weather history shows very little rain, milder summers and winters and 3061.7 hours of sunshine per year.

However, when I put together the "seasons" picture for San Francisco, I felt a little bit vindicated.
Looking at the statistics, it would appear that I lost the argument if for no other reason than the disparity of the sunshine hours.  Call me a sore loser, but the only real conclusion I can admit to is that Mr. P and I approach the issue with completely a different set of values.  He loves predictably mild weather and very little rain.  I love snow days, the smell of autumn, and hanging out at the pool.  To him, San Francisco will always be a little slice of perfect weather.  To me, it will always fall short of a geography with a strong four season pattern.

What's your idea of perfect weather? Would you want to live year round in perfect weather? Do you and your partner have the same idea or different ideas about it?


  1. I would either want all four seasons or tropical 70 to 80 degree weather all year. I need sun. I love walking around with the sun on me. It's the island thing, I guess. :)

  2. WHAT?! Growing up in So Cal, San Francisco weather is the WORST to me. It never gets warm enough to go in the water despite the fact that we are SURROUNDED by it. It can go from chilly in the morning to downright hot (like today!) so you constantly have to carry around layers. The fog messes up my hair. The summer is cold, rainy, and gray ALL THE TIME. OH THE SUMMER! If I could, I'd hibernate until late September, the weather is so bad. I love me some So Cal - talk about a city with no seasons, L.A. stays warm and sunny all year round. I'm just in shock that anyone consider San Francisco the perfect weather. It's all about perspective I guess :)

  3. Great blog. I think SF has perfect weather, especially for a runner! :)

  4. @Terri, I think so! I bet part of it is genetics and part nurture (Mr. P grew up mostly in Orlando and I grew up in the Mid-Atlantic)

    @Kristin - Haha, exactly - it's all in the perspective.

    @Sarah - Is that another hint to get me back running??? :)