Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Retro Redesign: Inner Richmond

It's a 1908 and could definitely use some exterior sprucing! But the interiors really struck me with this house in Inner Richmond.  I'm getting both Victorian and Tudor Revival vibes from this place and think it could go either way out front.  If you added some scalloped details, shutters and three tone paint I can see Victorian, or adding some trim in a dark brown would take it to Tudorville.  

In any event, there is a gem of a room, with tons of poetntial in this formal dining room.  The fireplace here is definitely more Tudor Revival (though there's an amazing Victorian fireplace in another room).  Ah, it's giving me an identity crisis.  I'm going to go with Tudor though.  Final answer Regis. 

435 10th Avenue via Redfin

Not awful, but the all one color on the walls and fireplace is a bit too matchy for me.  the built ins make my heard go pitter patter while I could just drop to me knees and kiss the hardwood floors.  See? So much potential!  In searching for some inspiration, I came across this picture in Traditional Homes:

Since it's the same color, I really saw the connection!  See back through the cutout there's a built in?  I think bringing in a golden beige for the built ins and below the chair rail really break up all the blue.  Even adding the blue curtains doesn't overwhelm.  And I'm just a big natural wood fan.  Look at that gorgeous table.

After scouring Pinterest, antique dealers and reproduction stores, I pulled together these items that I think really recreate this look and would work in 435 10th Ave's room!

Clockwise from Top L:
Overstock - Handmade Rust and Blue Wool Rug 6' Square
Eva Designs - Croc Embossed Leather Chair
Preservation Station - Five Arm Tudor Chandelier
Homes and Garden Journal - Antique Grandfather Clocks
Harper Gallery - Antique Oval Carved Oak Dining Table

Would you keep the blue paint job? Is the Tudor style too formal for your taste?

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  1. I actually love that color! But yes, the Tudor style's definitely too formal for me :) Even though I love those clocks...