Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Movie Star Sunglasses

I have this desire to KNOW the city I live in.  More than know, to experience it in such a way that I become part of the city.  And sometimes, to feel that way, I must play the part of a tourist.  

I feel silly saying that I want to KNOW my city and I think that sightseeing will get me there.  Then I remember how much history I learned about California, the prison system and the bay currents when I visited Alcatraz.  I like being in the know.  It feeds my irrational love for hatching pre-mishap and escape plans.  Can you tell my first job was an emergency management planner?

Sometimes the knowing part is less academic and a little more Us Magazine.  As much as I gleaned from trips to the Presidio, reading every plaque erected, I gathered some awesome tidbits from a movie tour of San Francisco.  I got the experience as a Christmas gift for Mr. Palindrome because he loves movie trivia.  On the San Francisco Movie Tour, we saw locations from some 70 odd films and TV shows.  The tour was about 3 hours and held our attention with movie clips, funny quips and frequent stops for pictures.  

The weather happened to be brilliant, clear and mild.  Mr. Palindrome insists that the weather is mostly this way.  I insist it is rare.  Future posts with hard scientific data are forthcoming.  In any event, we're posing in the park where the Tanner Family is picnicking in the opening credits of Full House.  
If I had access to San Francisco City Hall, there would not have been a wedding.  Me, with some gloves, pantyhose with ticking, a fascinator and my groom would have walked happily up those steps single and down again married.  No fuss no muss.  The Chinese New Year dragon in the background is just a bonus.
This shot was taken from a lookout in the Presidio and we talked about The Rock.  Having just seen it, I'm fresh off a bout of severe Sean Connery mimicry.
Apparently, the owners of the Mrs. Doubtfire house kindly ask tour groups to stay on the opposite side of the street.  And they drive a Volvo.
When we had a pit stop to see the beach where Jimmy Stewart rescues Kim Novak out of the water in Vertigo, we caught about 20 surfers riding waves.  There's so much San Francisco in this picture - sail boats, surfers, Alcatraz, the city skyline.  Love it.
Since it was once in a life time clear, I took the opportunity to grab a few shots of the most famous bridge.  I love me some Bay Bridge myself since it's in my neighborhood, but there is something about that orange coloring and gorgeous suspension that will always keep the Golden Gate first in the city's heart.
I don't want to give the whole tour away, but bottom line, I liked it a lot.  I had fun, we saw a lot of the city, we learned cool tidbits to impress our guests with.  And I got a shot of the bridge that might be worth framing.  After the tour, we REALLY played tourists and walked to lunch at The Stinking Rose.   When we finally got home, we watched Twilight on opposite ends of the couch.  It was a GOOD DAY.


  1. AHHHH, the Stinking Rose! My taste buds perked up just reading my favorite restaurant in the world's name! :)

    Look like this was a really good tour. When we first moved to SF, we did our own little driving tours around the city to see all of the famous spots. Once you really learn the city, it's very fun to take friends from out of town around on tours too!

  2. We liked the Mr. Toad's tour we did in the oldtime touring cars in San Francisco. We did it last September.

  3. I definitely need to get back to SF. My one and only time there, I really didn't have enough time to explore the city. I don't blame you for wanting to know your city more. :)

  4. @Morgan, we LOVED it! We must have eaten two loaves of bread with that garlic spread. It gets a bad rap on Yelp, but we were really impressed with the spare ribs we got!

    @Kayak, I've seen those! I'll have to give them a whirl - Mr. Palindrome also really wants to do a Duck Tour.

    @Terri - Yes! Come visit!

  5. Mmm, we went to The Stinking Rose the first night of our vacation in San Francisco! Delicious!
    One of our favourite things from the trip, if you want to do some more tourist-in-your-town-ing was the Walt Disney Museum.

  6. I went to the Disney museum with some friends in September - it was great! Interactive and lots of history! Also, they do a AAA discount :)