Thursday, February 2, 2012

Baby in a Drawer

My maternal great grandmothers raised 20 children between them.  When I collected information for a memoir essay about my grandparents, my grandma recalled sharing a room with her brother, even after she was married.  One full bed and one twin bed decked out the room.  It was a matter of necessity and there had been recent times in memory when it had been even more crowded.  I'm always amazed at how far my sense of privacy has developed from my roots.

I regularly joke about putting a baby in a bottom drawer since we moved to a one bedroom. I imagine you'd get a visit from CPS about it these days, but way back when, it was a practical necessity for some growing families.  Ollie decided he'd show us how it was done.

After a few pats trying to nest in my pants, he abandoned the drawer.  Thus, my hypothesis about babies in drawers is that it would only work if the baby was less mobile than a kitten.

Any interesting stories in your family about depression era sleeping arrangements?


  1. If I ever leave the bottom drawer of our dresser open (which houses tshirts and sweatshirts), I always have to double check our little calico isn't sleeping in there before closing it. She loves curling up in our dresser drawer!

  2. Ollie post idea - :-)