Tuesday, January 10, 2012

White Washed

*Shiver* I cringe.  The lady explains to the Hoarder's psychologist that she doesn't smell a thing amidst the piles of cat feces.

I have just one cat who uses his litter box religiously, but I'm in a similar boat to the hoarder.  I just don't see the white walls of our apartment anymore.  It's a decorating travesty that I didn't notice until looking through theses shots for this post.
 This is the view from the balcony into the apartment. Notice Olliver's tail end in the lower right corner.
 We bought the couch at Macy's after laying on every sleeper sofa in a 50 mile radius.  It's the most comfortable sleeper, but sadly not the most comfortable couch.  Hmmm.  Mr. Palindrome and I decided that most things in the apartment would have a dual purpose and we're more than pleased with the diversity of bed and sofa when we have guests at the Palindrome B&B.  The rug and coffee table were Criagslist finds from Pottery Barn.  The coffee table's second purpose is storage and the rug's second purpose is red wine spill camouflager.

 This is the view back over the living area.  You'll recognize the wingback chairs, side table and bookshelf from the NC house and the painting from my WEverb11 post.  The TV, stand and floor lamp are from the NC family room.   I mentioned the dining/console table and bench - here you can see them in their condensed console position.
 In the kitchen, the only new items are the coffee rug from Lowe's and the dish towels from Williams & Sonoma.  Then this is the view back towards the balcony from the kitchen.

 The bathroom is accessible through the hallway or the bedroom.  I used the bath accessories from our master bathroom in NC and added a shower curtain and rug from Target.  I also picked up the cute hook from Pier One so that we could keep our towels handy.
 Circling around to the bedroom, you can see the bedroom furniture from the beige room.  Funny story about the comforter.  We brought the white down comforter we received for our wedding.  Then a little kitty (the same one who made all those fresh kitty paw prints on the freshly made bed) jumped on Mr. Palindrome who happened to be walking by with a fresh cup of coffee.  The very same day the apartment was cleaned by the housekeepers, the comforter was sent to the dry cleaners.  There was no winning on picture day.
 We got a few new throw pillows for the bed, matching night stand lamps from Home Goods and one knock off night stand to match the other.
The wall sculpture above the bed from Bed Bath and Beyond can be also be used for dishes in a pinch.

So that's the grand tour of the very white walled apartment.  Gah, what I wouldn't give to throw up a coat of coral or aqua in the bedroom and a nice artichoke in the living room.  Or wishing that we'd leased from the complex that painted accent walls for you! Alas.  Anyone else battling white walls?


  1. Your apartment is very cute! White walls drive me crazy too - I'm battling beige-y purple walls & really weird texture in parts of my house right now! I haven't had the time/money to fix that problem, and it's about to drive me insane!

  2. We have white walls too. We keep them because of a lack of creativity on our end. :( I think we might be redoing our living room in a few years anyway.

  3. Your apartment is so cute! I have lived with white walls all my life and painting will be one of the first things we do when we get into a house.

  4. you have such a nice apartment! our walls are white/beige as well, and they're staying that way. i would try and excuse it by saying it's a rental, but really i don't know if it would be different if we owned. it's called lazy.

  5. Aww super cute! Someday when I journey to northern california for fun, I'll stop by and see it in person! :)

  6. Nice job decorating! We're still working on getting curtains and some pictures up here. So very tired of white walls. Hope to stop the renting/Navy housing thing at some point!