Monday, January 30, 2012

Retro Redesign Bernal Heights

"Wanna have a brunch date?"

"Yeah, sure.  Are we gonna see open houses before or after?"

Might be weird, but ever since our foray into house buying, renovating and selling, we've been real estate junkies.  I routinely check my app to price point neighborhoods, find nearby open houses and keep tabs on the inventory.  

Since our apartment isn't exactly the stuff that home renovators dreams are made of, I've been particularly interested in any fixer uppers that come across the listings.  I even started a Pinterest board about some of my day dreams for a little mid-century TLC job.  I had so much fun gathering ideas, I decided to make it a regular feature.  I'll choose a house on the market that needs a little love and share some renovation and design ideas.

Here's my take on a retro facelift for the exterior of this little charmer in Bernal Heights:

Big blue might be some people's cup of tea, but the monochromatic thing doesn't showcase some of the great architectural details.  Some people would take one look at this house and walk on by.  But I took another look because in the grand scheme of buying a house, a paint job isn't the part that will break the bank.  I think a quick exterior paint job would take this from "Interesting ..." to "Wow."  So I did a little research and found some awesome vintage inspiration from Retro Renovation.  These colors are straight from the 40s/50s which is perfect for this house built in 1948:

Personally, I'm loving the Wheatgrass.  It's a bit more than bland but not so much boom as Construction Boom.  I would also use that gorgeous teal accent so that the curly cue detail across the top of the house and the front door really pop.

I still felt that it needed a little something else.  When I ran across these vintage garage ideas, I knew it was the kind of touch that would pull everything together.

There are some pretty retrolicious color combos , but what really caught my eye was the chevron pattern looking door in the middle of the top row.

Add a few potted plants on the stairs and maybe a potted citrus tree between the stairs and the garage - primo!  And if I was any kind of Photoshop whiz, I'd show you my artistic rendition with the changes.

Which color combo would pick?  What do you think of patterned garage doors?

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  1. Bernal's an awesome neighborhood, and full of fun houses. I'd go with Teal and Wonderful life, but I'm not so sure about a patterned garage door.