Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Photography Challenge Reprise

I didn't finish in October, but I'm still interested in photography assignments and improvement.  In the meantime, I've continued to take photographs for certain assignments and I'll continue to post until I've completed them all.

Day 18: Shoes  Since I wrote this, I broke these bad boys in.  I took them to nature and let it wedge itself in the treads.  Oh, and I have a trip to Yosemite booked!

Day 22: Hands  Mr. Palindrome had just about had it as a subject.  I assured him that this one wouldn't show his face.  That's alright.  Would want to make you other ladies too jealous of my handsome man. ;)

Day 21: Faceless Self Portrait  I think my friend is taking a picture here, though it looks as though she could be doing something much more athletic.  I love the line of her neck and the negative space above the shoulder.  Oh, I just saw Self in the title . . . oh well, I'm counting it as a Faceless Portrait and calling a day.

Day 23: Sunflare  What would be really awesome is if I had any idea how I actually made this happen.  Not until I uploaded this one onto my computer did I realize I had some awesome magenta sunflare up front.  
Thanks for chugging along with me! Since I liked the assignments so much for the project, I might adapt another challenge to a year long project at one photo a week.  Maybe that already exists ... Anybody know of one?

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  1. Consider joining #click366 - a project I set up with a few other bloggers! It's meant to be a daily photo but it's really just a forum for sharing - you could do one weekly photo if you want! Check it out, we'd love to have you!