Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ollie's Wash & Fold

When I bought a little sign at TJMaxx smacking of kittens and vintage goodness heralding "Three Kittens Laundry,"  Mr. Palindrome thought I'd completed my transformation into a crazy cat lady.  The sign was attached to a miniature hanger (of course) and I hung it on the closet door housing our apartment sized washer/dryer combo.  It was like a self-fulfilling prophesy for Oliver.  Once the sign went up, he took it upon himself to oversee the Palindrome house laundry.
It came about organically as his natural curiosity led him to investigate the clothes basket.
In the next few moments, it all dawned on him.  This was his calling.
He expertly and deftly sorted by color, though he needed a little boost to load.
All was going well.  Both momma and kitty delirious with their new roles.  Momma relieved that she had a little helper and Oliver beside himself with fulfillment in being useful.
That is until all the clean laundry was heaped about the room and they realized at the same time how lack of opposable thumbs would be the undoing of the mutually beneficial arrangement.  Alas.

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