Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Monterey Weekend Trip

Watch my video introduction :)

Like I said in the video, I wanted to do a quick budget breakdown to give you all a good idea of what the weekend cost.  It's obviously a great weekend trip from San Francisco, but it's also totally worth a day trip if you're visiting the bay area for longer than a few days and want to venture outside of the city.  Note that we were there on a holiday weekend, so prices for the hotel were a little higher than maybe another weekend.  Also, note that all of the restaurant prices include tip (a cost I frequently forget when adding up menu prices!).

Hotel - Intercontinental Monterey: $300 ($150 per night through Hotwire)
Drinks & Apps Friday - C Bar: $36
Dinner Friday - The Fish Hopper: $78
Brunch Saturday - First Awakenings: $24
Entertainment - Monterey Bay Aquarium: $64
Snack Break - Nestle Toll House Cafe: $5
Entertainment - Walk from Cannery Row to Fisherman's Wharf and back: $0
Drinks & Apps Saturday - Cannery Brewing Company: $32
Dinner Saturday - Sardine Factory: $75
Brunch Sunday - Carmel Belle: $26
Transportation - 1/2 Tank Premium: $30
Parking - 2 nights: $20
Total: $690

We totally could have saved by not doing drinks/apps separately or by doing coffee shops for breakfast, but we wanted to try as many places as we could.  We're also big brunch people and love to relax on the weekends with pancakes/eggs.  Add to that a couple exciting football games to watch on Saturday at the sports bar ... and you've got a weekend full of eating and drinking out!  We had a great getaway and after our anniversary trip to Yosemite, it's really setting in that we live in California.  Gorgeous country out here!

Mr. Palindrome took this cool panoramic shot with his shiny new Galaxy Nexus

Have you been to Monterey? Do you take advantage of local trips near you?


  1. Looks like fun! We have a few places nearby we would like to go (or, return to), but need to find the time. It's always nice to get away for a bit :).

  2. I look forward to getaways nearby almost as much as our bigger trips just because I love getting out of town! Sounds like you guys are taking advantage of your area.

  3. I love weekend trips. :) We're lucky to be living in an area where there is sooo much to do, so many places to go.

  4. Look at vlogging! Go ahead! :) I loved the Bay Area, so I will have to put Monterrey on my list for when I get out there next. I like weekend trips, but we don't them often enough. Usually it's to visit my husband's family.

  5. I love weekend trips. We went to California last September and spent a few days in the Monterey area. We actually stayed at a B&B in Pacific Grove. Very cute town. We also really liked the Point Lobos Nature Preserve near Carmel. I would love to go back, but it's a long way from Virginia.