Tuesday, January 24, 2012

From Treasure Island

I'm a rule follower.  Put a sign up and I'll be the first to read it, point it out to others and follow it to a T.  Mr. Palindrome is an ... adventurer.  "Let's see what's behind this No Trespassing sign!"  Guess which personality won out so that we could grab this shot of the Bay Bridge from Treasure Island?
I took this photo on manual and bumped up the saturation a teensy bit in picnik later.  It was a challenging shot because I was standing in the shade, the sun was bouncing off the bay, and I still struggle quite a bit with adjusting my aperture at the same time adjusting my zoom lens.  I'd love to take this same picture in a year and claim victory over those challenges!

Have you been to Treasure Island?  Did you wander around or stay behind the posted signs?

1 comment:

  1. I stayed within the posted signs, and now I'm sad I did. That's an awesome shot.