Thursday, December 22, 2011

Oliver Loves to Eat, the Reprise

This series of photographs gives some good perspective on exactly how much this stinker has grown.  He's just about tripled in size (from 3 lbs to 9 lbs!) and his love of food is only increasing.  Now he bypasses the bottom shelf straight for the good stuff! :)
*Sniff*sniff*sniff . . .
If I just put one paw here . . .
Then jump! Yes!  *Sniff*sniff*sniff  Something smells fishy!
Maybe it's this jar?
Ick! No!  I was right the first time - the tin foil salmon is where it's at!
As soon as we open the fridge he's inside. I had thought I'd teach him a lesson one morning and leave him in there, but I forgot after a minute and I could have come home to a kitten popsicle if I hadn't heard him meowing.  I scared myself straight and now resorting to fishing him out every. darn. single. time. I open the fridge door.


  1. Awww cute! My kitty Tilly better not see this otherwise she might get inspiration to jump in the fridge as well!

  2. Tried to teach Scout the same lesson - closed the door and immediately felt bad so I let her out. She learned nothing.

  3. that's pretty adorable. what a clever kitty. love how his ears are all pressed down to fit under the shelf!

  4. Ha he is so cute! I love this devilish, sneaky tendencies :)