Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Finds - Pine

They say smell is the sense most strongly tied to memory.  I think they're right, because when I smell my Mrs. Meyer's Iowa Pine candle filling up my apartment, I'm taken back to my childhood house.  There, we lauded the "swearing in of the Christmas tree."  We took turns placing the angel at the top of the tree, lifted by our dad in our early years and on our own in our taller years.  The candle takes me back to the time when we found our presents in my mom's closet.  I hear her favorite, Manheim Steamroller, echoing through the halls. I feels strings of lights through my hands as we wind them around paper towel holders determined not to have a tangled mess next year.  I remember pride in handmade gifts, hard earned dollar store presents and heavily scotched tape wrappings.  I taste the hot chocolate on my lips.  The pine takes me home.

Clockwise from Top L:
Lunashineshine - Brass Pine Cone Necklace
Kzanno Art - Christmas Garland
Be Something New - Rustic Bridal Crown
Nancy Lee - Coastal Shores Wreath

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