Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pinterest Challenge - Harvest Display

Back when this was making the rounds of Pinterest, I knew I wanted to attempt a copy cat project.  I even devoted a Friday Finds post to the DIY elements.  I hurriedly ran to Safeway, secured a six pack of Red Stripe and promptly drank them all throughout the course of weekend football watching.  Then I got stuck.  Or rather the labels got stuck.  Turns out Red Stripe prints their labels right on the bottle rather than a sticker.  Hrrmm.  The project stalled out with a bundle of wheat and some cute signs I found at Michael's, waiting for an answer.  I tried Papyrus thinking that I could get a roll of wrapping paper that would cover it up.  I bought a sheet of orange gift wrap that looked more like a Diwali theme than a subtle Thanksgiving one.  I was desperate to make things work - even to the point of paying $5 for a stinkin' sheet of wrapping paper that I knew wasn't jiving.  I charged on, channeling my inner Tim Gunn, trying to make it work.

Then Katie Bower announced the fall Pinterest challenge and I knew I had to persevere.  One morning as I stood in line at Peet's, steamed milk froth filling my senses, I was struck by inspiration for a work around.  Actually, the idea hit once I had my drink in hand.  The cup insulators.

Thus I present, my humble interpretation of the great harvest thanks display:

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