Thursday, December 1, 2011

Oliver Loves to Drink from Glasses

I should have named him "Oliver Goldilocks Twist."

Hmmm, is this water temperature just right?
Apparently, this time, it's acceptable.
And everything tastes better out of a glass.


  1. I hear so much about your Oliver...what a handsome kitten.
    Praying for you two...Sandy Copp

  2. Oliver is so adorable! I love these photos.

  3. our cats like to drink from cups too! And if it's my cup, they seem to want to drink out of it even more.

  4. Scout loves drinking out of our water glasses when we leave them on the table. She shoves her face all the way in and laps it up. She'll watch you when you're drinking and wait for you to put it down before she strikes! Not wine glasses though, I tried.

  5. Awww! I love the preliminary paw dip! ;)