Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Finds - Thanksgiving Neutrals

Mr. Palindrome, in his ongoing quest to find decorative items for our house "that pop," has often told me that if I bring one more beige thing into the house . . . then he'll dot dot dot.  sometimes it involves making me return said item, never sitting on our couch again or wearing colored contacts so at least something isn't brown.  I think I'm going through a phase.  It's just all so clean looking.  Beige matches everything.  I can add colorful accents on whim and quickly change the entire scheme.  Color screams commitment to me and I'm a bit timid right now.

This week's collection features that old standby favorite of mine, the lovely neutral and a few ways to a touch of color to the palette.  Personally, I'm adding blue dishes and green accents to the chocolate and beige table cloth I ordered for our Thanksgiving table.  Oh, and the legs of our table are slightly muted farmhouse red.  See, something that pops.  


Clockwise from Top L:
License to Quill - Quilled Paper Thanksgiving Card
Asta's Toys - Golden Olive Wool Acorn Earrings
Pretty Little Things - Crocheted Pumpkins
Vintage Events - Pedestal Dishes

1 comment:

  1. Those pedestal dishes are lovely! I'm a sucker for ruffly and fluted things.

    Have you considered centerpieces yet? If you haven't, I vote for doing pomanders. They smell awesome, and oranges and pomegranates together in a bowl would add some really great fall colors to your Thanksgiving table.