Monday, November 28, 2011

Consistency and Such

I meant to blog on Monday.  But I usually mean to blog on Monday and don't end up getting a post up until Tuesday.  Then Thursday is Ollie day.  Then Friday is Friday Finds Day.  Those two are nice because I'm not struggling to find a topic.  Yet I didn't even get up one of the easy posts last week.  I figured my blog friends would be okie dokie since it was a busy week anyways.  I found a justification that let me enjoy trukey prep, family adventures in the city and quiet Christmas decorating on the weekend.

That justification doesn't resolve the knowledge I have about good blogs.  I've been around the blog block enough times to know that consistency will make or break your readership.  I know I want my blog to be well written, updated and engaging.  Then I come home from a full day of work, run some errands, fix a meal, feed the cat and sit on the couch.  I check my email before getting to the writing part.  Then I don't make it all the way there.

Self-imposed deadlines haven't been my strength.  The year that Mr. Palindrome was on deployment, I set three goals for myself: Make a quilt, race a triathlon and something that I now forget.  Obviously the forgotten one didn't get done.  I did race a triathlon but the beginnings of the quilt that was never bound finally was laid to rest before our move to California.  No way was I paying $1 per pound to move that sorry reminder cross country.

Sometimes my blog reminds me of my half done quilt.  My priorities shift according to my perceived energy levels, my patience for finding a camera cord, or fighting over the allotted time I have on our shared personal lap top (remember all those laptops in the October Photo Challenge - yeah, 2 of them are company ones and the rest don't work).  A few episodes on the DVR can push back my intentions.  I remember now why I felt so free when we didn't have cable.  The pictures sitting on my memory card, documenting events over the last month, stare at me until I hide the camera in our desk cupboard and look at my DVR playlist again.

I'm not going to promise more consistency, a new publishing schedule, or anything else like that.  I only have an explanation to offer - I'm not good at setting myself deadlines.  My ambition rarely matches my energy, capability or time commitments.  Even though I can't keep up with one blog, I've been working on a new blog with completely different focus. I love my blog friends and I want to build more.  I'm asking you to bear with me as I continue to find ways to balance the demands of life and find restful times for myself.  I'd also love to ask you what your approach is to consistency in blogging and what your blogging goals are. Lay it on me in the comments!

For now, we're prepping to eat some more turkey.  Someone remind me next year that 20 lbs is a huckava lot of turkey.


  1. I am the QUEEN of unfinished projects. That's actually what my first-ever blog post was about, lol. I will tell you that you're a fantastic writer and I love reading your blog - I'll keep reading, even if you sometimes make tv a priority. : ) That's okay too.

  2. I do a lot of blogging/scheduling posts on the weekends! If I saved it for the work week, I'd probably never get a post up, but I set aside a few hours here and there on the weekends to get it done and it's so much easier for me that way!

  3. Similar to Amanda, I try and blog/schedule when I have some more free time which normally comes during the weekend. Sometimes when I have a good amount drafted, I take some time off to recharge.

  4. Hey there!

    We're here. We'll still be here. No worries. Even with the ability to structure my time as I want right now, I still find it hard to produce interesting posts frequently. My desire to blog ebbs and flows. I think it's just a function of being human.

    Let us know about the new blog!

  5. I totally understand how you feel because I feel that way a lot myself. But I'm still a loyal follower of your blog no matter how infrequently you post (that's the beauty of Google Reader) and I think when it's not your full-time job, people understand that you can get behind on the blog - we all do!

  6. WHEN I'm consistent, which is....well, rare, I do the same as Amanda and Lauren and post on Saturday/Sunday and schedule for later. But I make notes, circle things that catch my attention in magazines, set reminders on my phone, etc...because I will, and do, forget what I was going to write about. And sometimes I simply have nothing to write about! And other times, I just don't wanna. It's how I know I'll never be a "big blogger," because I can't be consistent, and I certainly don't have an interesting enough life to post multiple times in a day (nor a theme), but it's cool. My blog is my happy place and I like to visit it when I can. Once it starts to make me feel pressured, it's no longer my happy place.

  7. Embarrassingly, I used to prep on the weekends too. Then football season started and we watch 3-6 hours of football per weekend. Then college basketball season started ... see where this is going? Hahaha.

    I think Layla hit on an important point - I can kill myself working on my blog, or my blog can be my happy place (hobby). Enjoying it is probably the most important part! And I do enjoy it because I have the most amazing blog friends! Thanks guys!