Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oliver Loves to Nap

Is it Thursday already??? Since I don't really remember September happening, I'm not sure why I thought I would remember October.  We're almost one week in and I'm behind.  I tried setting an editorial schedule for blog publishing, but as it turns out, I'm not a good enforcer.  Somehow Thursdays have morphed into Kitty days and they've been some of the more popular posts, so I'm not going to fight that one.  I'm rolling with what's working.  It's like I woke up one day and I was a Californian.  Just roll with it.  It's cool man.

Anykitty, my little fartfunoogan is a champion napper.  Overall he's a good sleeper and most nights can be found curled up near our knee pits (under the covers!).  The naps are generally long and if one of us is working from home, it's guaranteed that they happen in our laps.  I'm beside myself with happiness because our former cat was not such a people person.  I mean I love all my animals the same, but this one has wormed his way into my a heart through snuggles.  I'm a sucker for the snuggles.
Hi sleepy head.  Does that pillow need any fluffing?
No?  Oh, you're sleeping already.
Kitty yawns are actually extremely contagious.  I'm getting the yawns just looking at the pictures.
It's hard work cutting your bit cat teeth (see those cute little nubbins in there?).  Snoozie McSnoozerson is back at it.
I think I know where he gets it from.
Good gracious, these boys slay me with cuteness. 

Do you let your fur balls share the bed with you?  Did you yawn when you saw the pictures? 


  1. Love those kitty yawns! And that last photo is just so cute. We frequently share naps on the couch with our animals, they're so warm I love it!

  2. While others may have baby fever, your kitty definitely gives me pet fever! SO cute. <3

  3. Each week you make me want a kitten more and more!!

  4. OMG this is adorable! We just got 2 kitties too and it's too fun!

  5. I love pictures of sleeping kitties!! So cute :)

  6. Oh my, I love the last photo - priceless!!