Monday, October 3, 2011

October Photo Challenge

I'm joining Our Wired Lives and the crew for an October Photo Challenge.  I wanted some focused practice on my photography skills and figured it's a great way to do it.  I'm really excited about all the folks joining in - follow along at the group's flickr page or on Twitter (#OctPhotoChallenge).  I'll be posting my photos weekly on Mondays, but hoping to update flickr and Twitter more.

Day 1: Self Portrait  I'd love to get better at reflections in windows.  I still didn't hit the right lighting, but this was the best of the bunch.  Any tips?

Day 2: What You Wore  So I thought Day 2 was Clouds . . . this pile is really what I wore yesterday.  Hanes Her Way ankle socks, an Oxford t-shirt from my study abroad days and a pair of Levis.  The Outfit of Champions.

Day 3: Clouds  The clouds have been Ah-mazing here in CO this week.  They roll across the mountains in all shapes and forms.  I used a UV filter (on purpose - often I forget about it indoors and end up with dark pics - doh!) and I think it helped define the rays of sunshine.  Any other tricks for photographing the sky?  I think the bottom half of this photo could use some sort of help.
3 out of 30, we're already 1/10th of the way done!


  1. The reflection idea is soo creative!

  2. I like your reflection! It shows the background off. (But the reason it does that is because your background is so bright. A reflection shot where you can see the subject works best on a cloudy/darker day, at least for me.)

    I thought it was funny/unfair that the outfit post was on a weekend. Mine would have been sweats absolutely, if I was participating!

  3. I actually really love that the bottom of your cloud picture is different! I'm glad you included the tree branches in the foreground, it frames the clouds really nicely. I also commented on this photo on Flickr but I didn't realize this pic was yours!

  4. Thanks y'all!

    @Nodakademic - As soon as you said it, I thought, why didn't I think about it being back lit? Sigh. Back lighting kills me every time.

  5. @Kira - hahaha, yeah, my Flickr account has my high school handle associated with it!