Monday, October 17, 2011

October Photo Challenge Week 3

I hit two of my three goals from last week (one shot fully manual and using my tripod).  This week my only goal is to hit that third of using both my lenses on one subject.  Otherwise, it was a great week and I think some of my favorite photos by far.

Day 12: Sunset  My intention was to make it home to my apartment building in time to take a few sunset pictures over the city from our top floor.  I made it to the street corner before concluding that I'd miss the sunset if I went into the building, got my camera and set up on the top floor.  I made the best out of a desperate situation and went for composition.  I'm happy with the Muni lines slicing across the sky and didn't realize until I saw the picture in full size that I caught the couple hugging in the foreground.  Better than I thought, but not as great as if I had planned ahead more thoroughly.

Day 13: Me with 13 Things  Rounding up 13 things was a huge challenge to me.  I was having brain freeze on what to choose, the theme, etc.  When I saw my vase of grocery store carnations looking sad, I started to gather them up to throw them out and make room for a new bouquet.  Lo and behold, 13 stems still had some life in them.  It was meant to be.  I love fresh flowers in the house and slip bouquets into my grocery cart at least once a week. (Tripod usage!)

Day 14: Eyes  Like Jenna, I have blue eyes and covet them for my (very future and hypothetical) children. Biologically, there's a chance, but I may be the last of the blue eyes in my line.

Day 15: Silhouette  Armed with Jenna's great tutorial, I expected that I would try to utilize the sunrise since I catch it most mornings.  This morning, in between snoozes, I saw Oliver up on the window ledge.  I grabbed my camera and in all of my haste and blindness, I snapped this right before he leaped off the sill.  Gah, it's a bit blurry because I was fumbling with settings and trying to focus on the background, but I just love the tail and the city light bokeh so much that I went with it anyways.

Day 16: Long Exposure  This was an outtake from the silhouette day but so interesting that I wanted to include it.  I love the warm colors, the cursive-like b's drawn with the bokeh, and the hint of the cat.  A happy accident.

Day 17: Technology  Both of our careers have a technological focus as well as many of our hobbies!  I used to be a bit embarrassed that we had so many computers (umm, there are still 2 that aren't pictured and frankly, I'm still a little embarrassed), but we use the majority of them on a regular basis and have active plans to sell two of them for parts.  I love that Mr. P is in the background of this picture working on yet another computer.  If you count our smart phones too, you can bump our number up by 3 more.  Oh, and did I mention that since we gave away 500(!) books before our move that I promised myself the Kindle?  :)

Over halfway done in the challenge!  I've been loving everyone's contributions to the flickr site and can't wait to see this week's pictures!


  1. I love the kitty picture! I want a cat, darnit!

  2. Oh my gosh, I love your kitty silhouette picture! Perfect.

    I also am admiring your beautiful blue eyes!!

    Great work!

  3. Don't give up on the blue-eyed-ness of your future hypothetical children, neither of my parents have blue eyes and both my brother and I got them! They must have had the recessive genes!

  4. I've been loving all the photos (no wonder my wedding pics turned out so good! You've been holding out on us), and I think it's really neat that you did a follow-along to improve even more.
    And those eyes - ow ow! I think that should be your next profile pic.

  5. I love all these photos! Great job, Melinda!