Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October Photo Challenge Week 2

Week 1 of the Photo Challenge is done!  As we head into week 2, I decided to give myself some concrete goals for my shots this week.

- Use my tripod at least once
- Take photos of the same subject with both of my lenses
- Take one shot fully manually

This week, Days 5-7 were taken with my point and shoot for convenience's sake.  I want to push my ability with a point and shoot as well since it's so handy for travelling and really is quite capable of good quality pictures.

Day 4: Something Green
October 4

Day 5: From a Low Angle
October 5

Day 6: From a High Angle
October 6

Day 7: Fruit  The most challenging shot this week was fruit.  We had no fresh fruit in the house and my daylight hours were waning by the time I would get home from work.  The logistics weren't working out when I was figuring out if I could stop by the grocery store on the way home and still style/photograph.  I took a bite of doughnut and thought some more.  I took another bite and wondered some more.  Then it hit me.  Coconut is a fruit, no?  It's still one of my lazier attempts though.
October 7

Day 8: A Bad Habit  When I was a kid I chewed my nails off as fast as they could grow in.  In an effort to help break the habit, my mom promised I could get my ears pierced at 10 instead of 13.  Now, I have my ears pierced and chew my cuticles.

Day 9: Someone You Love  Mr. P wasn't around.  My family is on the east coast.  Not that this rascal is my last choice, but he was certainly the most available model.

Day 10: Childhood Memory   Hello Teddy, old friend.  Old faithful.  From age 2 until 26 he was my only bedfellow.  When I moved to NC, Mr. P and I struck a deal.  Teddy would retire when we finished our master bedroom renovation.  He celebrated that night, and I shed a little tear for Teddy.

October 11: Something Blue  When I was Sam's momma, I ordered this sweet watercolor from an artist on Etsy.  Sweet blue eyes.  Miss this gal.

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