Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Finds - Muted Pumpkin

One thing I will never understand about Mr. Palindrome is his aversion to pumpkin.  I could eat it all day long.  Pumpkin pie, scones, lattes, etc.  I rarely make it just for myself though, so I have to make do in other ways.  This week's collection is a tribute to my love for that delicious fruit.

Clockwise from top L:
Coldwater Creek: Pea Coat in Orange


  1. Dave said the same thing last night! Well actually he said he dislikes all 'fall' foods (pumpkin stuff, apple cinnamon, soups, etc). Who have I married?! Pumpkin spice stuff is delicious! In fact, I may have had a pumpkin spice latte this afternoon in protest. :)

  2. P also hates pumpkin! And I loooove pumpkin pie. :(

  3. My husband also hates pumpkin, and I can't get enough, ever. There's no accounting for taste. ;)