Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Together We're Giant

How many games have you been to?


That's our pathetic answer for curious folks who find out we live a few block from the ball park.  It's like asking a New Yorker how many times they've climbed up the Statue of Liberty.  That's for people from the suburbs and tourists.  I can do it tomorrow or any day after that.  

With the season winding down and my Giants on a winning streak though, I wanted to give you a little peek at our 1 baseball outing courtesy of our apartment management company.  I'm a firm believer in rooting for the home team, so I bought a Giants visor and at least tried to match up players numbers and names.
It was a gorgeous day in August, but we were under the overhanging balcony, so it was just a touch chilly in the shade and I had zero use for my new visor.
The stadium is great as far as new stadiums go.  Nothing compares to the old parks, but everything can't be old and it has some nice features like flat screens hanging for close ups and instant replays.
It was dog day, they had all sorts of games for kids and then they blared the Jersey Shore fist pump song.  Suffice it to say, fun was had by all.

As someone who married into a big part Jewish, part Italian family from Jersey and as an East Coaster myself, I couldn't help but feel like an insider while all these San Franciscans tried to fist pump.  Do they play Journey in bars here and the whole bar starts fist pumping? There's a whole lot of Bucknellians in Hoboken who started the craze I think.  Can't you see Andy Bernard fist pumping to Journey at a Cornell frat party?
My dad played baseball in college and coached a high school team for a while.  "It's all about the fundamentals," he would say.  It's truly amazing to watch pros play and all exhibit the same fundamental swing.  Even the people with the crazy stances, they end reverting to the tried and true swing.  After years of hearing my dad coach players on hitting, I found myself thinking through his tips while editing some of these photos.  The tip for the photo above?  All the power is in your hips.
If were at any other stadium in the nation, we would have been glad to have a shady seat in August.  Here, it wasn't exactly refreshing to have a beer as my teeth chattered in the breezy ball park.  Also, as you can see in this shot, we were on the wrong side of this aisle and people were constantly in our line of sight.  If we had paid for the seats ourselves, I would have been a little more upset.  Instead, I took another swig of overpriced beer and huddled with Mr. P.
Remembers these cranes from our balcony view?  Anybody know what they're building out there?
We got pretty excited when we saw this bearded guy warming up in the bull pen.  Then they announced him as a closer and it wasn't Brian Wilson.  Who knew they had more than one black bearded closer? 

Anyballs, we're glad we got to go at least once and there's still plenty to do at the ball park even after baseball season is over.  Cal football . . . opera . . . etc.  We may even have to hit up Candlestick Park if they can get the shootings under control.

Any attraction in your town that you've been putting off since you've been a resident?


  1. We sing along to Journey in the bars, but there's no outbreak of fist bumping. I've lived here for a decade, and went to the 'Stick for the first time a few weeks ago. The views are amazing, but yeah, the shootings are troublesome.

  2. Aww, I miss going to Giants games, followed by drinks at Momo's! I should send you my Giants jacket for next season--I know I won't ever have a use for it again.

    Glad you got to at least go to one game this year, even if it was cold!

  3. @Clair, but you fist pumped as an east coaster right? I felt like I needed to give tutorials - it was hilarious! :)

    @Morgan - That's exactly what I need, a jacket! I have yet to go to MoMo's, but since the weather has been nicer, I think their deck is calling my name.