Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sampling Our Way through California Wine

When an Orange and Blue friend (gotta love on our Bucknell family), told us of her yearly wine festival tradition, we happily hopped on the bandwagon and headed out to Livermore over Labor Day weekend.  I was a designated driver and didn't mind one iota because the sun was shining and it was a balmy 95 degrees. I was in heaven in a sleeveless sundress and sunglasses - soaking up the glorious rays.  I think I'm suffering vitamin D deficiency because I seriously could not get enough!

Our first stop was the Big White House Winery, a favorite of fellow tasters from previous years.  I had a small taste of their Peche Mignon Peach Champagne which actually was awesome with the honking piece of cornbread I ate alongside some tangy BBQ.  Our friends built up their collection with this nice Viognier

From there, we dropped the top on our convertible and headed over to the Eckhert Estate Winery which took down the house with their Malbec.  We each bought a bottle and we promptly drank it this past week making me wish we had bought at least half a case.

After that, the wineries run together as we parked and walked along the main drag from place to place.

The grape highlight of the rest of our time for me was a nice almond champagne. Otherwise, I took in the scenery and warmth!

And even Mr. Palindrome let himself unwind in the sunshine.

I can't compare Livermore Wine Country with Napa or Sonoma (Yet, but we have trips planned!), but for an easy day trip from the city, I really enjoyed it.  The only down side was the Target off the highway isn't open yet, so we're still on the hunt for the perfect cat scratcher solution :)

Have you hit up Livermore in your California wine tasting quests yet?  What vineyards should we try when we head back for next year's festival?


  1. What a fun trip to do with friends. Did you all plan to wear blue?

  2. Looks like a fun tasting trip! I wish we had more wineries near us.

  3. Great photos! Livermore wine tasting is awesome. I think Target opens at the Metreon next week. It'll be a mobscene until the novelty wears off, but maybe you can find your cat scratch solution there.

  4. My friend got married in Livermore a couple of years ago, and we got to spend a lovely day wine tasting there (sadly we had apparently brought rain with us from Seattle though!). And I love that you all are very coordinated with the blue :)

  5. @Ali - haha, the blue was totally coincidental and I think partially the lighting :)

    @Lauren - you'll have to visit!

    @Clair - I think I found a cat scratcher online that will work (thinking I'll avoid that crazy scene at Target - hahaha)

    @Long Far View - You'll have to come back when the sun is shining :)

  6. What a fun outing! I have never done something like this, but I think I'd LOVE it!