Thursday, September 29, 2011

It by the Window

This little punkin head loves to look out the sliding doors at the big city beyond and dream of freedom.
Sometimes he squeezes between the screen and the door, just so he can feel the bay breeze rustle through his white fur.
Sometimes, he gets a bit stuck in between.
Then one day, I came home from the grocery store and found this!
 I scolded him and ran to find my camera in case he did it again.  By the time I was back with my camera he was 4 feet up.  Time to buckle down and find him a proper perch I think.
Oh and the little rascal's name?
He's a doofus and a darling all at once.  What have your pets gotten into lately?


  1. So cuuute! Perfect name for that rascal. We are still struggling with with the agency we're trying to adopt our furball from. I appreciate their desire to be thorough in checking us out but it's getting to be a little ridiculous. Hopefully we'll have a kitty of our own eventually!

  2. I LOVE that name! He is SO SO cute and he makes me want a kitten like crazy!

  3. Oliver is such a cutie, love the shot of him climbing up the screen!

  4. Such an adorable name! I think it fits him perfectly!

  5. Hahaha, look at those ninja screen climbing abilities! Oliver Twist is an excellent name. :)