Monday, September 5, 2011

Introducing the Latest Model

I would raise a dozen cats in order to rescue them all and more properly appropriate Mr. Gilbreth's announcement from Cheaper by the Dozen.  Alas, Mr. Palindrome has capped me at one.  One teensy, tinsy kitten.  On Friday, I was analyzing the SF SPCA website, researching friendliness levels of cats and comparing airline approved cat carriers - all because on Saturday, Mr. Palindrome and I would become the proud parents of one, adorable kitten.  Introducing the latest model ...

We originally thought we would adopt a full grown cat, but as a pet lover and shelter volunteer, I asked which kitty needed a home the most.  We loved this little fellow and he need some extra special attention.  They call him a cherry blossom because he was born on the streets and needs extra handling and care to  properly socialize him.  With special attention, he should blossom into a healthy, sociable cat.

Coming to a name decision has been the hardest part of all.  His shelter name, Zola, just didn't fit him or us.  We've tried on Montepulciano (a favorite town of ours in Italy, Monty for short), Fillmore, Cacciatorre (Catch), Robert Dinero (Bobby D.), Gandalf, Alfredo, Buster, Rocco, Clark, Parker, Blue and Vito Corleone.  Anything Mr. Palindrome likes, I veto.  Anything I'm ready to order the collar tag on and Mr. Palindrome vetoes.  We're on day 3 and still have no name.  Poor It.

In any event, It Palindrome will be eventually christened with a proper name and more gratuitous kitten photos are in the queue for editing.  I feel like singing Circle of Life.  Off we go!


  1. Ah, he's so cute! I'm dying for a kitten right now, so I'm definitely jealous! :)

  2. Adorable! I honestly feel like you have to live with a kitten for a bit before you really know what to name it. They have such personality! Each of our cats have been ~4 lbs at adoption...they grow up fast! Rusty's about 10 now, and I'd guess Cleo's 7 lbs.

  3. Congrats! He's absolutely adorable! (And add me to the jealous list — we can't get a cat because the mister is severely allergic)

  4. Congratulations on your new family member!! There's just nothing better than coming home to a pet at the end of the day. He's so cute and I hope you find a name for him! I thought Catch was really adorable!

  5. So sweet! I vote for a palindrome name! Bob. :)

  6. Pretty Kitty! Love the announcement, haha. We tend to be rather literal/descriptive with our names so I'd probably name him something like Spot. Not so helpful, probably. :) One of my favorite pet names recently that came from a friend who just named his dog this: Albert!

  7. He is so adorable! But naming pets is so hard. I think we went at least a week after adopting our fur babies before we could agree on something--and with the first one, only after assigning numbers to all the names and then just drawing a number to decide!

  8. Your Dad and I just absolutely love our new little grandson. He's precious!
    What about Pip for a name?

  9. cuuuuuute lil kitty! I like Alfredo and Vito Corleone...the Italian theme is fun. :)

  10. @Nodakademic - yes, every day he shows us more of his personality - we're not in a rush to name him

    @Hannah - I would love a Palindrome name! We researched those first and came up empty :(

    @Megan - I was a big fan of Spot or Polka Dot, but Mister vetoed

    @Morgan - We're thinking about writing a few on pieces of paper, setting them on the floor and letting him pick :)

    @Mom - A current top contender is another Dickens' character, Oliver :)

    @Christine - yeah! I love the Italian stuff too - my top Italian theme vote was for Gelato

  11. He's so cute! I love his little spots :)