Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Finds - Simple Fall DIY

Yesterday I saw this beautiful mantle on Centsational Girl's blog and today I saw it again when Sherry from Young House Love pinned it on Pinterest.  When Sherry commented that she thought the bottles were Red Stripe bottles, the project seemed a lot more doable to me.  Everything seems easier after a six pack (also I'm high on a big W for my Redskins last week, so I'm looking forward to this Sunday!).


- Mantle via Centsational Girl from Choose to Thrive (upon reading the original post, I see they're ginger beer bottles and vinyl letters - but she says use what you have, so I'll give it my own twist)
- Cardboard cut out letter tutorial from Craft Envy (I'm thinking I want curlier letters and possibly covered in orange glitter)
- Wheat from Save-on-Crafts (sometimes I cheat and have supplies delivered to my door - much more convenient in the city!)
- Red Stripe from their website, though I plan on buying mine at Safeway


  1. Super smart! I need to find a project for my fave beverages.

  2. THANK YOU for posting this! I noticed that on Centsational Girl and loved it, but would have never guessed it was Red Stripe! I'm totally going to make this over the weekend...and Red Stripe happens to be my favorite beer! Win-win!