Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Finds - Leaf and Mallard

In high school, I was aware of one brand - The Gap.  I coveted a hooded sweatshirt with those three letters of privilege and coolness emblazoned across the mosquito bites I stuffed with toilet paper (No one ever told me that stuffing was something to be done - I seriously thought I was the only one back then!).  When I opened the sweater box at Christmas to find that sweatshirt, I was beside my tween self.  I wore it until it was so holey and ratty that it was relegated to my college oil painting class and thrown out at the end of the semester.

All of that to say that outside of this one instance, I'm not into brands.  Sometimes, I find a good fit or good craftsmanship and I'll return to the same brand, but I'm not all about particular catalogs coming out.  I had never heard of Boden until last year when the mailman delivered the catalog to the wrong house.  Huh, they have some nice stuff I thought.  Then Mr. P, was like, "Under which rock did you just crawl from?" Apparently it's a brand that people like.  Anybrand, the former tenants of our apartment must have been in the know too because we received the catalog yesterday and I flipped through to find a few favorites.  In lieu of a new wardrobe, I decided to window shop via a Friday Finds.

Top Row L-R:
Skinny Cords in Navy
Printed Cord Dress in Petrol Honesty
Leather Pocket Bag in Leaf

Bottom Row L-R:
Bloomsbury Lace Up Boots in Petrol
Amelia Dress in Leaf
Trimmed Velvet Blazer in Mallard