Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Finished Balcony

I'm a wuss when it comes to heights.  I love roller coasters for the controlled fear.  I abhor looking straight down tall buildings because I'm not in a harness.  I say all that to qualify these pictures of our finished balcony.  I took the picture below by holding on to the door with one hand and extending the other as far as I could over the balcony railing.  I couldn't even look towards my arm wrapped several times over with the neck strap.  I snapped with a hope and prayer that it would be a one and done shot.  I could barely look at the picture.  So that was that.  I took the rest of the pictures with my back against the glass.  I don't sit in the outside seats and the grill is positioned close to the door too.  This is why I'll never be an Olympic skier.  Well that and a complete lack of talent and/or athleticism.  
I finally scored these two chairs from Pier 1 after scouring the city for their espresso counterparts once the chairs hit the sale price.  One store had 5 in the color I wanted but they swore they only had three and that they were busted.  I quit fooling around and just got the lighter color to match the wicker couch.  Wild goose chases used to really fire me up as I got the perfect match.  Then I realized that I'd rather have that time back to relax.  So I used my saved wild goose time and instead drank some Grey Goose and cranberry out on my nice balcony.  'Twas the right decision.
This was the hardest picture to get.  Because I love you and wanted you to have the best balcony experience I could give you through pictures, I stood up on the inside chair with one hand on the door handle.  Somehow, despite my knees knocking (seriously, who needs to be 15 floors up and then climb up another 2 feet???) I got a clear photo.  I help you see the couch, you help me conquer my fears.  Excellent arrangement.
All of the cushions are also from Pier 1 and were somewhere in the neighborhood of 20% when I bought them.  I had much different plans for the color scheme, but when you see something that fits your craiglisted wicker bench, my advice is to run with it.  It goes along with the whole acceptance and drinking thing I mentioned before.  Less time hunting non-existent matching pillows in my price range means more time for tasting wine, skyping with my favorite people, etc.
The paper lanterns are from Target and I had to go back for another string.  Having measurements of all of my living spaces would be a tremendously useful thing to keep on my phone.  Yet, I still haven't compiled it.  Lesson learned it is not.
The green basil is an offshoot of some basil I picked up at the Ferry Building Farmer's market.  I had a huge bunch in water and this was the last stem.  When I saw that it had grown some roots, I decided to plant it as a replacement for my sunflowers which died while we were gone last month.  The little red basil is also from a local farm somewhere, but Mr. P brought it home from work, so I'm not sure which one.  The pot is from Lowe's I think.  The neighbors above us majorly over water their plants or clean their balcony too much or something because they tend to flood our balcony with excess.  I have to move these little guys when I see the first signs of drips lest they drown.
To me, our balcony has a feeling of comfy country living amidst a very industrial portion of the city.  The contradiction makes me happy and reminds me of English classes where we talked about it as a technique.
This woven tray is a hand me down from Mr. P's previous roommate.  I dragged it up and down the east coast and almost didn't toss it in with the stuff to move to CA, but it goes great out here and houses this little vignette.  The pot was a gift from my mom when I moved away to college, the succulent from Lowe's, the lantern from TJMaxx, the candle a housewarming gift and the squirrel from Lowe's.  The squirrel stood guard over our deck in NC and he's a sentimental reminder of our first home together (where the squirrels have cuter fluffier tails).
From the inside of our apartment, you can get a better sense of scale.  It's a tight, or as we like to call it, cozy fit out there.  The table is from TJMaxx and the little rug from Lowe's.  We ordered the grill from Amazon and while it can't handle the capacity of our amazing grill which we gifted to my brother, it gets the job done about once to twice a week.  Now that it's warming up more, I hope to get a lot of use out of it through the end of October.  We're pretty lucky that our leasing company allows us to have them.  I'll take a one gallon propane grill over no grill any day!
When we first moved in, I joked with Mr. Palindrome that I was going with a black and yellow decorating scheme to incorporate the caution tape and warning sticker adorning our sliding door.  Most of the time, I can look past it, but sometimes I contemplate taking a razor to glass and ending the madness.  

The only member of the family who can't enjoy the balcony is the littlest member.  I'm pretty paranoid that he'll plunge to his death chasing a humming bird or fly.  I'm afraid that curiosity will literally kill our cat.  Soooooooo, I bought a harness and leash that I plan on testing.  He only hated the harness for the first hour he wore it ...  oh dear.

How are you using outdoor space as we transition into fall?  Where do you shop for your outdoor furniture/accessories?


  1. I love you patio! The furniture you picked out fits the space so well.

    We have lived in our apartment for almost 3 years and rarely use the patio other than to store boxes in the storage closet. Our city does not allow grilling on patios (must be on the ground and certain amount of space away from the building), but if they did I'm sure we would have made more use out of it.

  2. So cute and cozy! Can you come over and decorate my balcony too? :) I love the little squirrel, its the little things sometimes!

  3. I love all of your furniture so much! It looks very cozy and relaxing out there!

  4. I love your patio, and your view is amazing. I'm also a little jealous. My building's backyard isn't really scenic, or usable.

  5. what a totally charming space you created! what a perfect setting for a glass of wine or weekend morning coffee! and the squirrel is too cute.

  6. Thanks for the encouragement y'all!

    @Penga, I'd be happy to consult with you! It'd be really fun!

  7. Your patio is adorbs! Looks so cozy, I almost want to invite myself over ;) Love the little vignette with the squirrel, too.

  8. Your patio looks lovely! I would definitely want to head out and enjoy that every night with such a cozy feel. Great job!