Monday, August 29, 2011

New Head Shot

My head shot has seen better days.  Literally.  My head shot that I'm using for virtually all of my online interactions is the me that didn't know 3 weeks later my MIL would have a stroke.  That me didn't know we'd say goodbye to my FIL a year later.  That me didn't know where she would be after Mr. Palindrome's graduation, how her job would go, or when she would settle into married routine.  

When we arrived in San Francisco, head shots were on the top of my blogging to do list.  I couldn't quite find the time or energy to set up the camera, synch my new remote AND blow dry my hair all on the same day though.  When we got back from Colorado later this summer, I knew that the picture from Colorado last year just wouldn't do anymore.  I'm not that girl.

There's still love though.  And there's still laughs.  I can tell something in my face has changed, but can't quite put my finger on it.  
I like the new shots because they're just as casual as my old shot.  I'm in a t-shirt and jeans.  I've got nothing on my face except a sweep of Bare Minerals and mascara.  Some of the pictures are crooked because the legs on my tripod sink unexpectedly.
Something in my face says to me that this girl knows more than the girl in my previous picture.
And even with that knowledge, this girl can find a reason to smile.
It's not like this all the time though.  Later, I found myself face down in the pillows sobbing and soiling the clean white sheets with lash lines of mascara.  Rain, silver linings, rainbows and clear skies go round and round.
In the end, I let Mr. P choose his favorite (above).  It strikes me as hopeful, which we are, as we look forward.  It's still me, but older (definitely) and wiser (hopefully).

PS - There's still a few hours to enter my giveaway!


  1. I love it! It suits you well.

    It's always so fun getting a new profile/blogger headshot. I'm getting really sick of my current one and need to change it up!

  2. Love these! I, too, look at past photos of me and think about all the places (literal an figurative) that girl has been since that time.

  3. Love the new headshot! And good choice too, since that last one is my fav of the bunch. :-)

  4. Love the new headshot! I am liking everything that the new headshot conveys: hopeful, strong, wiser. (older we could all do without right?)

  5. You have a beautiful smile, and you look so naturally pretty in these photos! Wishing you happiness and good days ahead!

  6. This post is so sweet.. My favorite is actually the first, crooked one! This in on my to-do list as well.

  7. I love this new series of headshots, especially the one the Mister chose!

  8. You're gorgeous!! I need a new head shot too. Something tells me I am just going to replace it with a photo of the baby.