Monday, August 8, 2011


As soon as I heard it announced, I was dying to get in.  The whole experience brought back ridiculous college memories.  I heard about a frat party that EVERYONE was going to.  It was going to be the party of the year.  It involved a theme, dressing up and the best DJ to hit Lewisburg.  Right.  I wanted in.  But I wasn't on "the list."

No worries.  I was a girl.  I was a freshman!  I was in! Or so I thought.  My roommate and I primped.  We dressed to kill.  We strutted up to the house with the confidence of wonder women in our knee high black boots.  And we were turned away by the overzealous bouncer with a fear of campus security.

I think in our sullen state we went to the coffee shop where we knew the late night shift workers.  We drowned our sorrows in Italian Sodas and swore off the evil, exclusionary social structures.  Well, I did - she  joined a sorority the next week.

Anygoogle, every attempt I made on getting into Google+ was a replay of that sad night.  Friends would tweet that the gates were open.  I would rush to the site (which I bookmarked like a desperate woman) only to find the gates closed again.  I begged invites off of people - strangers and friends alike.  I must have about 100 languishing invites floating around cyber space.  I tweeted my consternation with being left on the outside.  I even thought I had been blacklisted for my desperate tweets.

Heck, I even know people at Google.  I mean, one of them, I know Biblically.  He's super cute and masquerades around these parts as Mr. Palindrome.  Apparently that counts for nothing.

Until today.  Today, I read in Tech Crunch that people were tweeting links with 150 invites.  I logged in as fast as my fat little fingers could type in my password.  Then I did a global search.  @DannySullivan tweeted that he had 70 more invites.  My hands shook violently as I tried to steady the mouse over the link.  And just like *that* I was in.

I'm pretty giddy.  It's like Facebook, but when it was all new and shiny without ads and your mom (Love you Mom!).


  1. Wow - I didn't realized it was still so exclusive! sorry you couldn't get in sooner!

    I haven't done much with it yet...I need to consolidate my social media, I think.

  2. @lattelove - I don't think it was that exclusive - I was just unlucky or something :) I actually find it funny now and was happy to putter about seeing everyone there.

  3. And I didn't start following you until last week or I would have sent you an invite.

    And THANK YOU for saying "know biblically" - Someone once (very rudely) asked how I knew my husband (she didn't know we were married) - I responded with that and watched her jaw drop. I still giggle about that one!

  4. haha this is too funny. I haven't done anything with Google+ yet...I'll probably wait until I've decided it's not going away to actually learn it, like I did with Twitter, lol.

  5. I love you, too, Mrs. Palindrome!

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