Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Balcony in Progress and Decor8 Winner Announced

I've been holding out on you.  There's one room in the Palindrome home that is *almost* completely done.  I'm using the word room loosely, as you see we city folk (*ahem* yes, I'm lumping myself quite comfortably in with the city folk now - does the use of the word folk draw any suspicions that I recently came from the South?) must gobble up any livable square space available.

The "room" that we use quite a bit now and hope to use even more during September and October (upon their lives, the local swear to me, as I shiver and chatter in my trench, that warmer days are ahead) is our balcony.  It's our pride and joy.  We lovingly chose the apartment especially for the outdoor space.  We pay through the nose for it.  Yet there are many happy returns.  Much like a puppy or a college education.

When considering how use the space, I knew we had to make it loungey so that we could rest and enjoy this view:
I can hear the crowd noise (our Giants are playing the Cubs tonight) when there's a bit of loud cheering and if you peek over with your neck crooked just the right way, you can see the Bay Bridge.
The other noises we hear all the time are the construction noise and the port goings-on.  We leave our balcony door open most of the time, except when we're watching movies in doors.
We can also see the fog roll across the hills.  On clear days, we can see the cell towers and other days we see this:
Some days, we see nothing at all except a blanket of fog that inspires crocks of chili, slippers and working from home.

I waited for a few days for a clear day to give you a little video tour.  I still have quite a bit of a Southern accent in this clip, though I've been told recently by coworkers back East that it's all but gone now.

In the video, I had a few things set, but was still working on finishing touches.  I was really inspired by this photograph that I pinned:

Besides the cat reminding me of our late Sam, I really loved how cozy the space felt.  In our rendition, we're not quite finished, but there have been a few cozy moments involving wine and late night fake announcing based on the crowd's cheers or jeers.

So that's my little bit of decorating.  More apartment pictures coming . . . perhaps even some where I don't even clean like a madwoman beforehand.  Speaking of decorating . . . shall I announce the winner of the lovely signed copy of Decorate by Holly???  Yes, let's.  There were 18 entries which I entered into the random number generator which then produced this winner:

#14 - Morgan!

Madame Morgan, please send your shipping address to the Palindrome email and I'll have your book right out to you :)

Thanks to everyone who entered and reads this little blog - you're the best!


  1. Your balcony is great!! What awesome views!

  2. Congrats Morgan!!!
    Your balcony looks so cozy. I am longing for the evenings when it is cool enough for us to enjoy some time outside.

  3. Awesome, I can't wait to check out the book!

    Your little balcony is adorable. Love the craigslist wicker couch, it looks so inviting with the colorful pillows.

    And watching your video, your accent does seem to be going away! Although you did sneak a "y'all" in there ;)

    I'll email you my address right now!

  4. @e. louise - so funny, we have the same wish (70 degrees for a pleasant night on the balcony!) :)

  5. how romantic is that?! i need to upgrade from our plastic lawn chairs, for sure. :P