Wednesday, August 31, 2011

17 Mile Drive and Carmel

"Want to take a drive out to Pebble Beach?"

"Is my  name Palindrome?"

And off we went.  
Before we knew the full extremes of the weather, we tricked ourselves into thinking that clear blue skies where we were coming from translated to clear blue skies where we were going.  Wrong-diggity-wrong.
Having the top down on the convertible quickly became the worst idea in the world.

And just like *that,* it was sunny again.
For about 10 minutes (during which I happened to get a small sunburn).

We took the scenic route down Route 1, made a stop at Carmel for Lunch and then trekked over to Pebble Beach's famous 17 mile drive.  Fog and all, it was breathtaking.

Here's proof that our car technically holds 4 adults.  Notice the use of the word technically and the absence of the word comfortably. :)
Also notice our creative head wear to avoid the tanglies.
Have you driven this iconic stretch?  Tell me about your favorite spot!


  1. love love love the central coast! And you got some really great shots!

    the first thing we did when we first got our car was drive it all the way down the 1 to san luis obispo. twisty, turny, but ever so beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous pictures. You're inspiring me to take a day trip

  3. beautiful photos! Day trips are so awesome.