Wednesday, August 31, 2011

17 Mile Drive and Carmel

"Want to take a drive out to Pebble Beach?"

"Is my  name Palindrome?"

And off we went.  
Before we knew the full extremes of the weather, we tricked ourselves into thinking that clear blue skies where we were coming from translated to clear blue skies where we were going.  Wrong-diggity-wrong.
Having the top down on the convertible quickly became the worst idea in the world.

And just like *that,* it was sunny again.
For about 10 minutes (during which I happened to get a small sunburn).

We took the scenic route down Route 1, made a stop at Carmel for Lunch and then trekked over to Pebble Beach's famous 17 mile drive.  Fog and all, it was breathtaking.

Here's proof that our car technically holds 4 adults.  Notice the use of the word technically and the absence of the word comfortably. :)
Also notice our creative head wear to avoid the tanglies.
Have you driven this iconic stretch?  Tell me about your favorite spot!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Balcony in Progress and Decor8 Winner Announced

I've been holding out on you.  There's one room in the Palindrome home that is *almost* completely done.  I'm using the word room loosely, as you see we city folk (*ahem* yes, I'm lumping myself quite comfortably in with the city folk now - does the use of the word folk draw any suspicions that I recently came from the South?) must gobble up any livable square space available.

The "room" that we use quite a bit now and hope to use even more during September and October (upon their lives, the local swear to me, as I shiver and chatter in my trench, that warmer days are ahead) is our balcony.  It's our pride and joy.  We lovingly chose the apartment especially for the outdoor space.  We pay through the nose for it.  Yet there are many happy returns.  Much like a puppy or a college education.

When considering how use the space, I knew we had to make it loungey so that we could rest and enjoy this view:
I can hear the crowd noise (our Giants are playing the Cubs tonight) when there's a bit of loud cheering and if you peek over with your neck crooked just the right way, you can see the Bay Bridge.
The other noises we hear all the time are the construction noise and the port goings-on.  We leave our balcony door open most of the time, except when we're watching movies in doors.
We can also see the fog roll across the hills.  On clear days, we can see the cell towers and other days we see this:
Some days, we see nothing at all except a blanket of fog that inspires crocks of chili, slippers and working from home.

I waited for a few days for a clear day to give you a little video tour.  I still have quite a bit of a Southern accent in this clip, though I've been told recently by coworkers back East that it's all but gone now.

In the video, I had a few things set, but was still working on finishing touches.  I was really inspired by this photograph that I pinned:

Besides the cat reminding me of our late Sam, I really loved how cozy the space felt.  In our rendition, we're not quite finished, but there have been a few cozy moments involving wine and late night fake announcing based on the crowd's cheers or jeers.

So that's my little bit of decorating.  More apartment pictures coming . . . perhaps even some where I don't even clean like a madwoman beforehand.  Speaking of decorating . . . shall I announce the winner of the lovely signed copy of Decorate by Holly???  Yes, let's.  There were 18 entries which I entered into the random number generator which then produced this winner:

#14 - Morgan!

Madame Morgan, please send your shipping address to the Palindrome email and I'll have your book right out to you :)

Thanks to everyone who entered and reads this little blog - you're the best!

Monday, August 29, 2011

New Head Shot

My head shot has seen better days.  Literally.  My head shot that I'm using for virtually all of my online interactions is the me that didn't know 3 weeks later my MIL would have a stroke.  That me didn't know we'd say goodbye to my FIL a year later.  That me didn't know where she would be after Mr. Palindrome's graduation, how her job would go, or when she would settle into married routine.  

When we arrived in San Francisco, head shots were on the top of my blogging to do list.  I couldn't quite find the time or energy to set up the camera, synch my new remote AND blow dry my hair all on the same day though.  When we got back from Colorado later this summer, I knew that the picture from Colorado last year just wouldn't do anymore.  I'm not that girl.

There's still love though.  And there's still laughs.  I can tell something in my face has changed, but can't quite put my finger on it.  
I like the new shots because they're just as casual as my old shot.  I'm in a t-shirt and jeans.  I've got nothing on my face except a sweep of Bare Minerals and mascara.  Some of the pictures are crooked because the legs on my tripod sink unexpectedly.
Something in my face says to me that this girl knows more than the girl in my previous picture.
And even with that knowledge, this girl can find a reason to smile.
It's not like this all the time though.  Later, I found myself face down in the pillows sobbing and soiling the clean white sheets with lash lines of mascara.  Rain, silver linings, rainbows and clear skies go round and round.
In the end, I let Mr. P choose his favorite (above).  It strikes me as hopeful, which we are, as we look forward.  It's still me, but older (definitely) and wiser (hopefully).

PS - There's still a few hours to enter my giveaway!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Finds - Our Living Room

I peeked.  It wasn't so much a peek as it was pouring over each page methodically.  But I sneaked looks at Holly's book after writing up the giveaway post last night.  As I looked at the pages, I also looked up at my living room.  One month post-move and it's still depressingly undone.  There's not enough time or money to achieve the living room that haunts my imagination.  Yet, like most things in life, hard work and patience are two keys to the success of a cozy living room for us.  Step 1? Following Holly's advice and making a mood board.  This week's Friday Finds is to putting one foot in front of the other, to first steps and to Fridays!


Top L-R:
Bloomingdales - Olivia Riegel Crystal and Pearl Frame
Z Gallerie - Linden Sofa in Buckwheat
Overstock - Hand-tufted Heirloom Spa Blue New Zealand Rug
Middle L-R:
Jonathan Adler - Chippendale Chair
Sherwin Williams - Livable Lux Collection in Koi Pond and Silvermist
Bottom L-R:
Inspiration Photo via Interior Ideas
Crate and Barrel - Jules Large Accent Table

PS - Comment once a day for your chance to win a signed copy of Holly's book, "Decorate"!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back Decor8ing

I didn't know what to write for a while there.  In some ways I still don't.  What I do know is that life goes on, whether I'm ready or not.  I had been trying to think of something to do or somewhere to go to break the cycle of eating sweets at home in my pajamas.  Since I've been out of the loop, I was surprised and then thrilled to see this post this morning.

I walked hurriedly down 4th Street taking in my city by foot for the first time since the move.  A herd of Harley's roared toward the game.  As they slowed by the light, I heard one of them spreading Michael Jackson love through his speakers and several of my fellow pedestrians smiled or bobbed their heads to Billy Jean.  For the first time since living here, I felt like I was an extra in the city scene rather than the stand out tourist unsure of her way.  It felt good.

Holly was everything I imagined her to be and more - lovely, kind and inspirational.  I caught the tail end of her mood board demo then headed straight back to the book signing line, forgoing the tablescape of sweets (Lord knows I have enough of those).  I ended up at the head of the line, nervously chatting with a friendly Bay area native.  I readied my camera to find dead batteries.  My cell phone camera had to do in a pinch.  The picture is awful, but Holly's brooch and my boots are my favorite.
In addition to tweeting me back and saying she would look for me, she was such a dear about signing the book for one of my sweet readers.

Yes, you read right.  The book I walked through the city for, the book you can't get on Amazon, the book signed by Holly herself - it could be yours.

You can leave a comment a day through Monday at midnight PDT.  The name will be drawn at random.  In your comment, let me know what room most badly needs some decorating!

Kisses to my fabulous readers for their love and support - so glad I can give something back to you!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Death in the family

Dear blog friends,

We've lost our dear father, Harry, after complications due to heart surgery.  We're still recovering from the shock and mourning his loss.  We're laying low with family for a while and celebrating his life this weekend with a memorial service.

Rest in Peace

With sad hearts,
The Palindromes

Monday, August 8, 2011


As soon as I heard it announced, I was dying to get in.  The whole experience brought back ridiculous college memories.  I heard about a frat party that EVERYONE was going to.  It was going to be the party of the year.  It involved a theme, dressing up and the best DJ to hit Lewisburg.  Right.  I wanted in.  But I wasn't on "the list."

No worries.  I was a girl.  I was a freshman!  I was in! Or so I thought.  My roommate and I primped.  We dressed to kill.  We strutted up to the house with the confidence of wonder women in our knee high black boots.  And we were turned away by the overzealous bouncer with a fear of campus security.

I think in our sullen state we went to the coffee shop where we knew the late night shift workers.  We drowned our sorrows in Italian Sodas and swore off the evil, exclusionary social structures.  Well, I did - she  joined a sorority the next week.

Anygoogle, every attempt I made on getting into Google+ was a replay of that sad night.  Friends would tweet that the gates were open.  I would rush to the site (which I bookmarked like a desperate woman) only to find the gates closed again.  I begged invites off of people - strangers and friends alike.  I must have about 100 languishing invites floating around cyber space.  I tweeted my consternation with being left on the outside.  I even thought I had been blacklisted for my desperate tweets.

Heck, I even know people at Google.  I mean, one of them, I know Biblically.  He's super cute and masquerades around these parts as Mr. Palindrome.  Apparently that counts for nothing.

Until today.  Today, I read in Tech Crunch that people were tweeting links with 150 invites.  I logged in as fast as my fat little fingers could type in my password.  Then I did a global search.  @DannySullivan tweeted that he had 70 more invites.  My hands shook violently as I tried to steady the mouse over the link.  And just like *that* I was in.

I'm pretty giddy.  It's like Facebook, but when it was all new and shiny without ads and your mom (Love you Mom!).