Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Well, there are these microclimate things

It's a joke here, the weather I mean.  It's never as simple as breaking the ice in the elevator and commenting on the current condition.  "Great sun this morning, eh?" "Not up town!" Right.  So you can either launch into your "I'm new here but these microclimates sure are bizzare" spiel or just stick with the ever popular, "How 'bout them Giants?" 

The day we moved into our apartment, the sun streamed through our sliding glass balcony doors and illuminated our view of the ballpark.  For the rest of the weekend, I was deceived.  This isn't so bad, I thought, I must live on the sunny side of the city. 

I was so, so deceived. On Monday morning the sun took a vacay to the Peninsula.  I clutched my trench coat, ate mostly soup and generally was tempted to despair, declaring to Mr. Palindrome, "If I don't see the sun one more day, you're going to have to take me to east Bay for dinner so I can be sure it's still in the sky."  The silver lining to this dark, grey fog was breaking in my new teal wellies.  Teal and sunshine - I was trying to give the weather momentum through my wardrobe color choices.  Didn't work.

After taking the express elevator to my floor, I would gloomily trudge by this view on my way to refill my bottomless coffee mug.  I sat in my office hopeful that the next trip would reveal a parting of the clouds.  No such luck.

Until this week!  Look at that! You can see the bridge! The east bay and a sail boat! Heck, you can see the building next door!

The microclimates continue to tease and manipulate me into all sorts of weather related purchases (cardigans? why don't mind if I get one in every color).  I continue to mope during stretches of fog.  But I think every day I'm here, I get closer to being a legit San Fran dweller.  I always bring a coat now.  I also say things like, "You couldn't see it this morning through the fog, but this view sure makes it worth it!"


  1. Wow, that is really some serious fog!! I could definitely see how it could get old pretty quick to have to trudge through it all the time, but I hear so many other wonderful things about San Fran! I hope that its other attributes win you over in time.

    And I LOVE your blue boots!

  2. Don't despair, summer is right around the corner - it just doesn't reach us until September. Looks like you live in a great part of the city. Check out the 21st Amendment on 2nd St. if you haven't already. It's a great bar.

  3. lol. i can see my office window...from your office! HAHAHA omg

  4. Ah yes. It's days like these that remind me why we moved to Walnut Creek. I adore coming home after shivering all day in SF and being able to walk the dog while wearing shorts and a tank top. It's always 10 degrees warmer here, and sunny! (Can you tell I'm trying to lure you to the East Bay?!)

  5. Aww!! Well at least you are not going to melt under 100 degree weather tomorrow. Even with the fog, your new city is pretty beautiful.

  6. Heehee, haven't you ever heard the saying from Mark Twain, "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco."?

    It really will get nicer come fall though, and you are definitely on the sunny side of the city. One of our good friends (who actually officiated our wedding) used to live in the same building as you! But like Jellyfish, that's why we lived south of the city, we liked the sun and a little more heat. :)

    If you ever do have a sunny day though, go check out the other side of SF. Walk along the Lands End trail to a neat viewpoint of the GG bridge, and then drive over to Ocean Beach. I think they only get about 1 sunny day every 2 weeks or so, but if it's on a Sunday afternoon, go to lunch at the Park Chalet, they have amazing food, great beer, tons of outdoor seating and usually live music. It was one of my favorite outdoor spots in SF!

  7. I promise it gets better. Sept and October will be awesome. And then when we have a sunny, cloudless and snowless day in Dec, Jan, and Feb, you will feel so lucky to live in such an amazing place. Well, that's how I look at it anyway. The second to last picture is almost the identical view from my office!! Hopefully we can see each other more often!

  8. @Mandy, I'm definitely loving it DESPITE the fog :)

    @Clair, thanks for the suggestion! I'll report back how my imbibing goes there!

    @Penga, I think I saw you on Muni today! But you sprinted off the platform - we'll def. have to lunch together!

    @C'est Law Vie, I don't think it'll take much arm twisting in another year or so . . .

    @Terri - thanks! When are you coming to visit? :)

    @Morgan, thanks for the suggestions! We tried your recs down on the Peninsula and loved them!

    @Melanie, miss ya too hon!

    @Sugar, I think you're right - I think I came in the wrong month! I'd be much more appreciative if I left cold weather behind!

  9. So I was at church yesterday and saw a familiar face and I tried to remember where I've seen that face. I then lean over to my husband and say, that girl looks familiar hmm I think from Weddingbee. I go on Weddingbee today and found your blog. Found this post and saw you're in SF. Just wondering, were you at Christ Church yesterday? If so, welcome to SF and to Christ Church. If that wasn't you, well I must've been wrong. hahah

  10. @Cler, yes me! So fun - You're the first person to let me know that you saw me :) Thanks for stopping by the blog and the warm welcome!