Thursday, July 28, 2011

Raising the Roof and Hell

Have you ever had to raise a little hell to get things done?  Our roof raising also required a little hell raising.  It took 6 weeks, multiple phone calls and a case of wine, but our Carolina estate (city dwellers die when we tell them our former square footage/acreage) has a brand spanking new roof.

We went with the 30 year architectural in something like Hampton brown - maybe not Hampton, but that's the impression the name gave.  The installation was a nightmare involving many miscommunications and lazy/sloppy work (the yard is out of control in the pictures because the roofers left thousands of nails in the yard making it super dangerous to mow).  Mr. Palindrome will probably blog in more detail about it, but now that it's done, I can't help but admire the beauty.

For a quick memory jog, here's the before:

The architectural shingles are so much more dynamic and the extra 5 years of life made the price difference negligible.

Is your house ready for a new roof?  I'm thankful we won't have to go through it again for another 3 decades!

*PS: Thanks to my friend Aimee for the great pictures!


  1. It looks beautiful!! Sounds like such a hassle, but the end product looks gorgeous. I really really hope that we move out of our house before we need a new roof...I do NOT want to deal with that yet!!

  2. OMGosh I love your house!! The new roof looks great.