Friday, July 15, 2011

Hotel Tour and IT Issues of the Day

I wrote this nearly two weeks ago:

The fourth time I restarted my laptop and tried to upload this tour, I was ready to give up.  I was mad that reformatting my computer before the move didn't happen.  I was mad that in this day and age I was still transferring my camera memory card to the computer and then having to upload it in another step.  I was mad that I enjoyed the weekend a little too long and dropped the ball with posting yesterday.  Technology was against me.  Then I switched browsers and everything looked up.  I saw on YouTube that I can directly upload from my phone camera, which is the route I'll take from now on - why didn't I think of that before? Duh!  Then my video actually uploaded.  And now you can see the place we've called home since pulling into Californ-i-a!  We've got one more transition from hotel to apartment then we'll be staying put for a little while.  As if our track record doesn't say otherwise (12 moves between us since we started dating in 2004).

As you can see, the video never actually uploaded and I think the file got corrupted.  Sigh.  I've also been distracted by some big faith issues, haven't had access to internet in our apartment, and burning the candle at both ends trying to work and settle into the apartment.  I was ready to post Friday Finds today, but every time I try to use pictures from Etsy, my cursor freezes.  In short, it's time for a brownie sundae!


  1. please treat yourself and have a happy weekend! You deserve a little break from blogging with all that craziness :-) (and a new computer, maybe?)

  2. Post when you can, hun. It's all good. I hope you enjoyed the sundae. :)