Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Finds - Rose Gold

I used to think rose gold was the big T - tacky.  I guess I saw too many mall jewelry stands packed with roses made of rose gold.  It was always just a smidgen too much.  Or a lot much.

But I'm jumping on the new wave rose gold comeback bandwagon with more exuberance than my reluctant hop onto the skinny jean bandwagon.  I'm digging the modern take with the MK boyfriend watch and the delicate sparkles of the earrings.  No reason not to incorporate it subtly in the home either - love this rug!

Are you bandwagon jumping this season?  Reluctantly or exuberantly?

Clockwise from Top L:
all via Overstock

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Raising the Roof and Hell

Have you ever had to raise a little hell to get things done?  Our roof raising also required a little hell raising.  It took 6 weeks, multiple phone calls and a case of wine, but our Carolina estate (city dwellers die when we tell them our former square footage/acreage) has a brand spanking new roof.

We went with the 30 year architectural in something like Hampton brown - maybe not Hampton, but that's the impression the name gave.  The installation was a nightmare involving many miscommunications and lazy/sloppy work (the yard is out of control in the pictures because the roofers left thousands of nails in the yard making it super dangerous to mow).  Mr. Palindrome will probably blog in more detail about it, but now that it's done, I can't help but admire the beauty.

For a quick memory jog, here's the before:

The architectural shingles are so much more dynamic and the extra 5 years of life made the price difference negligible.

Is your house ready for a new roof?  I'm thankful we won't have to go through it again for another 3 decades!

*PS: Thanks to my friend Aimee for the great pictures!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Went to the Chapel

I'm still recovering from the emotion and the travel, but I'm too excited to not share.  One of my very dearest friends and my Maid of Honor, tied the knot at our Alma Mater as I stood by her as co-Matron of Honor.  She married the man who I've seen care for her so sweetly during a particularly tough year.  There's no replacement for the joy that you feel over seeing your kindred spirit experience the joy of her wedding day.  There was a sense of loss as well, appropriately so, but this past weekend was also the time for laughter and rejoicing.  When I wasn't busy with my matronly duties, I snapped a few photos.

While I'm delighted with the weekend and overjoyed to have been a part of it, I'm underwhelmed with my photos.  I tried a few different things like white balancing and aperture priority settings, but my grainy results show that I still have a lot to learn! I was glad to have my bestie as the subject - she made an absolutely beautiful bride.  To a long, healthy and happy marriage!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Finds - Sail Away with Me

When the fog isn't hiding our view of the bay, I can count scores of sailboats.  The white sails cut across the water in stark contrast to the blue bay.  After counting, I think, "I need to make friends with a boat owner."


Clockwise from Top L:
JC Design Interiors - Tumbled Marble Coasters
Compass Rose Design - Spyglass Necklace
Add Vintage - Ship's Captain Buttons
Local Artist Prints - Port Angeles Fine Art Print

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Well, there are these microclimate things

It's a joke here, the weather I mean.  It's never as simple as breaking the ice in the elevator and commenting on the current condition.  "Great sun this morning, eh?" "Not up town!" Right.  So you can either launch into your "I'm new here but these microclimates sure are bizzare" spiel or just stick with the ever popular, "How 'bout them Giants?" 

The day we moved into our apartment, the sun streamed through our sliding glass balcony doors and illuminated our view of the ballpark.  For the rest of the weekend, I was deceived.  This isn't so bad, I thought, I must live on the sunny side of the city. 

I was so, so deceived. On Monday morning the sun took a vacay to the Peninsula.  I clutched my trench coat, ate mostly soup and generally was tempted to despair, declaring to Mr. Palindrome, "If I don't see the sun one more day, you're going to have to take me to east Bay for dinner so I can be sure it's still in the sky."  The silver lining to this dark, grey fog was breaking in my new teal wellies.  Teal and sunshine - I was trying to give the weather momentum through my wardrobe color choices.  Didn't work.

After taking the express elevator to my floor, I would gloomily trudge by this view on my way to refill my bottomless coffee mug.  I sat in my office hopeful that the next trip would reveal a parting of the clouds.  No such luck.

Until this week!  Look at that! You can see the bridge! The east bay and a sail boat! Heck, you can see the building next door!

The microclimates continue to tease and manipulate me into all sorts of weather related purchases (cardigans? why don't mind if I get one in every color).  I continue to mope during stretches of fog.  But I think every day I'm here, I get closer to being a legit San Fran dweller.  I always bring a coat now.  I also say things like, "You couldn't see it this morning through the fog, but this view sure makes it worth it!"

Friday, July 15, 2011

Hotel Tour and IT Issues of the Day

I wrote this nearly two weeks ago:

The fourth time I restarted my laptop and tried to upload this tour, I was ready to give up.  I was mad that reformatting my computer before the move didn't happen.  I was mad that in this day and age I was still transferring my camera memory card to the computer and then having to upload it in another step.  I was mad that I enjoyed the weekend a little too long and dropped the ball with posting yesterday.  Technology was against me.  Then I switched browsers and everything looked up.  I saw on YouTube that I can directly upload from my phone camera, which is the route I'll take from now on - why didn't I think of that before? Duh!  Then my video actually uploaded.  And now you can see the place we've called home since pulling into Californ-i-a!  We've got one more transition from hotel to apartment then we'll be staying put for a little while.  As if our track record doesn't say otherwise (12 moves between us since we started dating in 2004).

As you can see, the video never actually uploaded and I think the file got corrupted.  Sigh.  I've also been distracted by some big faith issues, haven't had access to internet in our apartment, and burning the candle at both ends trying to work and settle into the apartment.  I was ready to post Friday Finds today, but every time I try to use pictures from Etsy, my cursor freezes.  In short, it's time for a brownie sundae!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Truth Seeking and Heady Church Issues

The church I grew up in is experiencing a hard time.  There's a scandal of sorts whereby a former pastor in the church family (Brent Detwiler) has made a lengthy document of accusations against the leader of the movement (CJ Mahaney).  I believe that I have a unique insider/outsider perspective as I sat in the pews for 10 years of my childhood and have been an active member or participant in several churches since that time.

The background is complicated, but for the purposes of this post, I present a timeline compiled by Jim at SGM Refuge and that I have been an eyewitness to:

June 8: Brent sends Part 3 to SGM. Page 201 states, “It is now time for me to share my concerns with the Sovereign Grace pastors.” The end note states that “I also plan to make my thoughts available to a small group of former Sovereign Grace pastors or employees. Nine to be exact.” Brent lists all nine by name.
June 11: Dave Harvey sends an email to SGM pastors, letting them know that,“Yesterday Brent responded with another 199-page document.  In it he informed us that he would now be conveying his concerns to the pastors of Sovereign Grace and certain others outside of SGM.” Dave also stated, “But there was also a concern emerging for the board.   We wanted to clearly acknowledge and deal with any of CJ’s sin, but it also seemed important to recognize that the entire situation was being framed by Brent’s sole perspective.  Equally important was that there seemed to be a number of areas where Brent’s take on things was dramatically different than the others involved.” Funny, I saw a lot of emails from people other than Brent in the documents.
July 2: CJ sends this to SGM pastors.
July 6: CJ’s blog post.
July 7: Dave’s blog post.
July 6 & 7: Brent sends documents to SGM pastors.
July 7: Documents are uploaded to I’m made aware of the site, post the link, and send it to Kris at survivors. We have over 10k unique visitors, and survivors has a gazillion.
July 8: 5:30 PM, EST. Docs on sgmwikileaks have been read by 11,860 people.
July 10: Joshua Harris preaches the most transparent message I’ve heard from a SGM pulpit regarding SGMI’m dead serious. Mickey wastes time at the mic trying to discredit Brent. Mullery babbles some nonsense. Aron throw Brent and “the blogs” under the bus. sgmwikileaks readership hits 21,050 at 6PM eastern.
July 11: Two new docs added to sgmwikileaks. Readership is @ 25,860 at 3:15 PM, eastern. Readership hits 31K at midnight.  

To my friends and family currently attending, please feel free to reach out to me.  I am happy to facilitate questions, to search for truth with you, and share my perspective.  I believe that it is critical for you, as members of the body of Christ, to rely on the Holy Spirit for guidance.  What is right and true and what makes it so?  The pulpit and apostolic team do not have the market cornered in speaking and their words being true.  Prayerfully consider that your pastors and church is not infallible.  Consider that God uses imperfect vessels.  The truth can stand up to questioning - ask your hardest questions, don't be afraid!  Also, please consider the testimonies of the former members that substantiate Brent's documentation.  Though you may not have any bad experiences with SGM, think of the sincere believers who have walked through those experiences.  Again, I'm glad to lend insight and share my personal story with you.

One of the most recent and telling experiences I have had is that I graciously critiqued the Board's post this morning and the comment has been censored.  I will update here if it gets through moderation and is posted.

Several comments have come out of moderation with the following apology from the moderator: "I am just way behind on the moderation queue right now because of all that's happening. I've explained our comments policy in previous responses this week and hope that gives some clarity. But I can see why it's frustrating to see comments lag--everyone who is waiting on me right now, thanks for your patience." My comment does question the appropriateness of the board to make this decision while several board members are also implicated in Brent's documentation (not due to Brent's analysis, but by their own hands in their emails).  I also indicated I was praying for the Lord to reveal the truth.  They have allowed some critical comments though to which Andrew has replied.

***Update #2***
My comment has been approved: I find this an alarming dismissal of hard evidence (years of documented emails).  The implications in Brent's documents against those signing this very letter from the board is also highly alarming.  As a believer and child who grew up in SGM, I have heavy concerns for the family of churches under your care.  I pray the truth comes out in it's fullness and for God's healing.

(To my blog friends, tune in later this week for regular programming!)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Finds - Firework Florals

Fresh off my cross country drive, I'm full of love for the landscape of this beautiful land.  I've curated a feminie twist on the hues of the ole stars and stripes while focusing on florals.  Makes me almost as happy as when I eat apple pie and watch baseball.

TGIF! and TGI4J (Thank goodness it's 4th of the July)!
Clockwise from Top L:
Hey Miemie - Wool Felt Flower Pin Cushion
Witsister - Big Flower Vintage Fabric
printmakerjenn - Bright and Sunny Poppy Watercolor
Ring of Saturn - Floral Studs