Monday, June 20, 2011

For Everything There is a Season

If I let myself absorb the magnitude of our move, I get a little sad.  Perhaps not sad, but definitely nostalgic.  I feel this way about the house, about some of the possessions we're selling, but especially about the seasons.  Where many people say that San Francisco weather is perfect at a temperate year round 60 degrees, I cling to the passage of time marked by the change of season.  I know that I'll enjoy a mild winter and still mark seasons by holidays and such, but there's something about full, glorious seasons of extreme weather change that makes me feel at home.  In homage to seasons, here is a collection of our house throughout the year:






  1. You do have a gorgeous house - but exciting new adventures lie ahead!

  2. Your house is so gorgeous! I've always wanted to live in an area where there are actual seasons...spring lasts about a week here before it dives right into summer, and the same goes for fall!

  3. All hope is not lost, we may have mild weather year round, BUT it always gives you a reason to leave the City and seek out the weather changes. Check out the leaves changing in Napa in November and head to Tahoe for some snow. I promise that it is worth it!!