Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Farm Fresh Eggs

I'm sad to be leaving my farm delivery service, Papa Spud's, behind as we pack up to head cross country.  I know that there's tons of fresh farm produce and products out in Cali (wahoo!), but I'm also very sentimental about my routine and I'll miss seeing the box of goodies on my doorstep every Tuesday!

We're eating our way through our fridge and pantry and one of the best garbage disposal type meals I know of involves scrambled eggs.  Saute some veggies, throw in some cheese, add whatever herbs you have - Voila! Weeknight dining fit for a king and healthy to boot.

The cool thing about getting farm eggs is that they're all shapes and sizes!  Variety is the spice of life, no?

This is a good representation of the range of color and sizes - some are even more egg shaped than others!

Look at those deep, beautiful yolks!  It was surprising at first just how bright yellow they are, but now I look for it as a mark of a good, fresh egg.

I've found the secret to scrambles is to briskly whisk the eggs until they're frothy then whisk a few strokes more.  You've got to get the air into them!  The best omelette I ever had was at a diner that mixed their eggs in a milkshake blender!

If you're in the Triangle area, give Papa Spud's a try and let me know what deliciousness you whipped up!  Do you have access to fresh eggs?


  1. We get our eggs from the farmer's market every week! They really do taste so much better than store-bought, and the fresher the eggs, the easier they are to poach!

    I also love the variety between eggs-my faves are the speckled ones!

  2. I've been using The Produce Box, which is similar, except they have 3 different pre-determined "boxes" and you have to choose one of their combinations each week for delivery. The problem is there's no way we could eat a whole head of cabbage before it goes bad...I don't like cabbage! So, I'm tempted to try Papa Spud's but I'm disappointed that I'll lose my $15(!) starter fee for The Produce Box...I should have done more research first.

  3. A coworker of mine has chickens so she brings eggs in for us all the time. Homemade drop biscuits, butchers bacon and farm fresh eggs.

    It doesn't get much better!