Friday, June 17, 2011

Durham House Tour

When the house was staged for sale, I really wanted to vlog a house tour.  There's this saying about intentions . . . I'm hoping late is better than never in this instance.    It's always funny to hear myself recorded, but this vlog strikes me as particularly funny because you can tell how much of the southern accent I've picked up while here.  I grew up with no accent at all (the news anchor accent) but I've discovered that I'm a crazy, unintentional mimic.  I would visit my grandparents in Pittsburgh and come home saying "younz."  I studied abroad in England and would slip into accents all over the place.   The worst was when I was involved in theater and I would bring character voices into my real life.  Y'all has infiltrated pretty heavily into my vocabulary and you'll hear traces of other southern specialties too.

I feel a little like Paula Dean, but c'mon y'all! Come on my house tour!

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