Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dabbling with Monetizing

I think most of y'all reading are also bloggers yourselves.  Is that right? Since you know the name of the game (including domain costs, hosting, design, etc.), I thought you might also have some insights as I dip my toe into the pool of monetization.

I joined Social Spark coming off a huge failure with My Blog Spark.  I was sick of getting surveys which didn't lead to any good offers and being bombarded by products I just can't stand behind.  Pillsbury, I love your dough boy, but you've got to cut out the trans fat!

When I saw Kimberly Michelle do a review for a product, I hopped over to Social Spark to see what they were about.  I liked the idea of seeing offers and only accepting them if I actually believed in the product. After a few weeks, I finally got an offer for a product which I've had sitting as a draft in my queue.  Brilliant, right?  Then I sat down to actually write this thing.  Ugh.  There were all sorts of funny rules and we'll see later this week if it's even accepted, but I figure it was worth a shot.  We'll call this one an experiment.

I've been thinking a lot about what it means to monetize thoughtfully.  Part of what it means to me is only reviewing products that I already use.  Another part of it means seeking out advertisers myself.  After the move, I have two companies that I want to introduce you all to - both women owned small businesses where passion guides the business.  The women are my friends and I trust them.  Trust is rare in the monetizing world and I want to do my best to preserve your trust in me, while helping to build trust in companies, products and services I endorse.

Have you monetized your blog?  Which services do you use?  What's important to you about monetizing?

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