Thursday, May 26, 2011

Walk for Animals

I felt like I was living in Sandra Boynton's Doggies book this past Saturday as I walked around the Duke Campus to raise money for the Animal Protection Society of Durham.

One wrinkly dog.

Two long dogs.

A well dressed dog.

A wall walking dog.

Six tails wagging.

A thirsty dog.

Skinny dogs.

Happy dogs.

Tired and happy dogs.

I think we all felt like this dog (and see his cute look a like stuffed animal?!) by the end of the sunny walk.  The dogs were super smart and would just plop down under any tree along the route to rest.  You could see the attitudes on the dogs change from the starting line - Woooohoo! I'm on a walk! I love walks! I love people! - to the finishing line - Why me? Why so long? It's nap time!

Do you have a dog?  Describe him/her for me, Sandra Boynton style!


  1. Aw. That's always a fun walk. We have done it a few times. That's where our Clover came from. :)

  2. Clover is an awesome name! Way to go for adopting! :)

  3. What a great event! My childhood dog was a rescue. His name was Joey and he was a canine clown! :)