Monday, May 23, 2011

Fridays on the Front Porch

I don't often see little people.  I work in a corporate environment.  We don't have babies ourselves.  Mr. Palindrome never babysat or for that matter even held a baby until last year.  So it's always with great delight on my end and great trepidation on Mr. Palindrome's part that we interact with little people.

Our friends Melanie and Jed invited us to Fridays on the Front Porch this past weekend.  They brought their 18 month old, blue eyed cherub too!  Good tunes.  Good beer.  Good boy!
He was so psyched about the dogs and balloons.  Gotta love the simple joys.
Once his mom threw him up in the air, that's the only trick he wanted to have anything to do with.  So I threw for a while.
And after reassuring Mr. Palindrome that it was perfectly safe, he threw for a while.  It's awesome to see Mr. P grow more accustomed to the durability and cognizance of a tot.

At 10 minutes past bed time, it was time to go!

In our church group, there is a brand new baby as well, so we got a double of little people this weekend.  It's fun, overwhelming, amazing, inspiring and terrifying to interact with them.  For now, Friday on the Front Porch is the perfect dose for us :)

What's your kid dosage?  Do you already love kids, or are you still in learning/deciding mode?

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  1. I hate kids--- I'll take travel, my lovin' hubby and a dog that will love you no matter what!

    No need to contribute to world overpopulation even more.