Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Finds - Happy Graduation

This week, I've been recovering from Mr. Palindrome's graduation.  Not only was it a big weekend filled with lots of pomp and circumstance, but we also had 7 relatives in town for the festivities.  With school winding to an end, our evenings have been filled with Durham bucket list items and farewells.

In honor of graduation, I collected a few owl finds this week.  For my high school graduation I received a few stuffed owl Beanie Babies wearing graduation caps.  Mr. Palindrome did not receive any of these momentos.  

One last comment before heading off for the weekend, that dress I'm wearing up there?  I'm a little conceited about it.  This is the 4th graduation it's seen: my high school graduation, my college graduation, my graduate school graduation and now Mr. P's graduate school graduation.  It was seriously the best $120 I ever spent at Ann Taylor! This go around involved a pair of Spanx, but goshdarnit, it still zipped!

Clockwise from Top L:
The Lazy Peacock - Vintage Brass Owl
Past Generation Books - Poetic Verses from North Carolina
Coco de Paris - Alphabet Owl


  1. Congratulations to the hubs! And that dress looks fantabulous on you! :)

  2. Congrats to Mr. Palindrome!!! And look at you rocking that dress!! I wish I could fit in anything I wore in high school!

  3. How funny - I bought that EXACT same brass owl while in New Mexico at an antique shop for $10. Love it!

    Congrats to your hubs, that's quite an accomplishment!