Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cancer, Custody and Difficult Compromises

I met Alaina in Durham through our amazing support system of Fuqua partners.  I've been in her home and eaten her delicious cooking.  She's had a rough go and was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago.  Recently, after a drawn out and nasty custody hearing, the judge cited her cancer as a reason to give custody to her ex.  It's very tough case and while there are two sides to every story, I want to draw attention to her story because the judge's focus on Alaina's health.  She started blogging about the injustice at Beauty in Truth and her support page is rallying the troops on Facebook.

Alaina has been interviewed by the local news, her story ran on Inside Edition and yesterday she was interviewed by Matt Lauer on the Today Show.

Obviously, those who are suffering the most are the kids.  Sadly, there isn't an easy solution in this case. It's a tough economy for the ex to find a job locally and Alaina's cancer treatment is here in Durham.  I hope for their sake that a compromise can be reached, because other wise the biggest losers are the children.


  1. Heartbreaking story. As a daughter of divorced parents I can honestly agree with your sentiments. What breaks my heart even more is (and I hate saying this but) what if she doesn't make it? Someone is honestly going to take her kids away from their mother when they may have little time together?

    I lost a good friend to cancer last week and one of the best things was the ability to spend his last 5 months at home in hospice care. To be able to spend it with his wife and children and not alone or in a hospital. I'm certain that wherever he is, he is glad for that time together.

  2. I just read about this through I2Y on Facebook and it is just.....I have no words. I am completely blown away that a judge would set this precedent, especially asking her to move to Chicago. I sincerely hope everything works out for her.