Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blue Room Makeover!

It wasn't much when we started - just four walls and two windows:

The plan to paint and decorate for as cheaply as possible was simple.  I wanted a big impact paint job. Blue and yellow weren't prominent in my mom's decorating palette, so when I was faced with a wall of choices at Lowe's, I was immediately was drawn to these previously banned colors.  For our smallest guest room, I decided to take the plunge and use a bold blue that also spoke to cottages and china.  I was inspired by this photo on the Behr website:

This little bedroom makeover was the cheapest room in the whole house I think because it only required some paint, a sheet set, and new mini blinds.  In one morning, Mr. Palindrome painted it all by himself while my parents and I worked in other rooms.  This room came together so quickly because we ended up having several guests  within the first year of living there and it didn't require that much work. Take a look at the afters:

Here's the budget break down:

Paint (Behr River Valley) - $24.00
Down Comforter (Wedding Gift - Thanks Bergs!) - $0
Ralph Lauren Floral Sheets (Home Goods) - $40.00
Eyelet Bedskirt (Ebay) - $14.00
Eyelet Pillow (Home Goods Clearance) - $8.00
2 Mini Blinds (Lowe's) - $10.00
Guest Water Carafe (Home Goods) - $7.00
Milk Glass Lamps (Re-Store) - $4.00
Degas Drawing Prints (Inherited) - $0
Magazine Holder (already owned) - $0
Jewelry Holders (already owned, just spray painted white) - $0
Furniture (My bedroom set since I was 2) - $0
Accessories (Clock, doll house, etc - inherited) - $0
Total: $107.00

It's almost silly to have a whole post about it because the main work was just a quick paint job and making the bed!  Did you put together any rooms very easily? What do you think of the color?


  1. It looks great! A quick coat of paint makes such a difference!

  2. that blue is SUCH a great color, especially for a guest room. It looks so homey and welcoming!

  3. I like the color. Very calming and welcoming. :)

  4. I love that color of blue you picked!

    This makes me itch to paint our walls, if only we didn't rent!

  5. Thanks y'all!

    @Morgan - would they let you paint if you painted it back?

  6. It looks great - I love the color so much!

  7. That blue is the happiest color! It looks so inviting!