Monday, April 4, 2011

Living Room Makeover

I think the walk through of our house before we bought it maybe have been enough to make some people cry.   At some point, I'll do a big before and after post, but for it's amazing looking back at the befores, because I had forgotten just how bad it was.  When we moved in, we wouldn't walk around without shoes on becuase the carpets and floor were so filthy.  They were running a day care out of the first floor and I just cringe when I think of babies crawling on the nasty that was those floors.  Check out this sad before picture that Mr. Palindrome snapped of the living room:
The very first work weekend we had at the house with my parents, we painted this bad boy then promptly tore out the carpets and had hardwoods installed.

If you followed my wedding blog, you saw some other in progress pictures when I showed off our Save the Dates and when I hung a heritage wall.

After painting, we realized that the previous painters were a touch sloppy which made us look like were the paint brush dingbats.  So we followed Nodakedemic's suggestion for using Goof Off to remove just teensy bits of paints from trim around the room.

It was meant to be the family room, however, we tried every which way to set up a couch and a TV to no avail.  One wall has two windows, one has the fireplace, one has the stairs and the other opens to the foyer.  We pulled a switerchoo and made it the living room which worked out really well around the holidays this year.  It was perfect for our tree, fireplace and entertaining.

And here are the afters with all the magic that is my new wide angle lens:

Budget . . . This is going to be rough because I wasn't really tracking when we started this room . . .

Paint - $25
Wood Floors (wedding present from Mr. P's parents) - $0
Rug (from, price at the time I bought it) - $240.54
Furniture (all inherited) - $0
Lamp on side table (purchased from HomeGoods with housewarming gift) - $0
Floor Lamp (previously owned) - $0
Ceiling Fixture (from Lowe's) - $36 - $10 (we sold the ceiling fan on Craigslist) = $26
Bookcase (repurposed from bedroom set) - $0
New blinds - $12
Mirror (HomeGoods clearance) - $20
Fleur di Lis sculpture (HomeGoods clearance) - $8
Vase, Candleholders, Teapot (already owned) - $0
Heritage Wall Frames, Photo Printing (rough estimate - printed from Shutterfly, frames collected from HomeGoods, Michaels, TJMaxx) - $100
Total - $406.54

This is probably more than we wanted to spend to basically paint and stage the room, but the biggest investment of the rug really pulled the room together, so I don't feel bad about it.  Now the gas fireplace is the centerpiece of the room and the flow of the room pours right into the kitchen where we want it to!

Have you over spent on a room but thought it was worth it?


  1. It looks amazing! What a great positive change! Ida easy to over spend, isn't it? But a lot of times it is those extra touches like fixtures that really make it complete....great job! (also, it is really nice to see someone else who has unpainted wood trim as opposed to white...)

  2. I love the color you chose for the walls! And I think it was an excellent choice to convert it to a living room - the fireplace makes a great focal point. Well done!

  3. oh it looks nice! we're thinking of redoing our dinning room and living room. mainly just paint, and maybe lights like you did. now we just need to decide on a color! we're trying to find a nice shade of gray that matches with all the furniture we already have.

  4. What a transformation! Looks fabulous!

  5. Thanks @nodakedmic - we like our wood trim a lot and worked with it in a few spots in our house. It just seems warm to me, thought I see how bright white is clean too.

    @Amanda - that's the toughest part! Let me know when you finish - I'd love to see pics!