Monday, April 18, 2011

Kitchen Makeover Part 2! And a Giveaway!

Let's cut to the chase shall we?  After a lot of hassle with Lowe's, finally working with our awesome local shop, and quite a bit of our own sweat, our kitchen went from this:

To this:

Can't get enough?  Neither can we!  I shot it twice with the better pictures coming out on the more overcast second day.  My awesome wide angle zoom captured so much of the room.

Here's the BUDGET breakdown:

Paint (April Mist, Valspar) - $50
Flooring (mid-quality linoleum, natural line) - $825
Countertops (custom laminate from Lowe's and private handyman for installation) - $550
Lighting (Habitat Re-Store) - $42
Oven hood (Craigslist) - $25
Dishwasher (Lowe's, on sale) - $200
Varnish and supplies (Mr. P cleaned and revarnished the cabs) - $25
Cabinet pulls (Overstock) - $100
Cabinet hinges (Amazon?) - $80
Refrigerator parts (to make the ice maker work again) - $25
Cast Iron Sink (Habitat Re-Store) - $40
Faucet (Overstock) and plumbing parts - $100
Total: $2062

Because you all hung with me through the kitchen recaps and because I think my internet friends are the cutest/sweetest, I'm giving away a copy of the Pioneer Woman's Cookbook!

I have one too and so far I've tried out the morning muffins and enchiladas which I recommend with the caveat that you should either cut the recipe in half, have a visiting army, or have plenty of free space in the freezer.  If you want to bring more pioneering to your cooking, just leave me a comment with "I Cook!" and I'll enter you into the random drawing.  For extra entries, you can follow the blog and my twitter feed.  Comment separately telling me which ones you follow.  Winner to be announced on Friday!

Editor's Note: I forgot to say when the cutoff time for entering was . . . maybe it's a sign that I don't do giveaways often enough? Let's say 11:59 pm EDT Thursday with the winner announced Friday before Noon EDT? Mmmmkay.


  1. I cook! (the kitchen looks awesome Melinda!)

  2. I cook! I'd love a Pioneer Woman cookbook! :) The kitchen looks amazing! Great job!

  3. I cook!

    Love your cooking area, girl! It looks great! :)

  4. I also follow your blog! Great job on the kitchen. :-)

  5. Your kitchen looks fab!! I have a self-imposed ban on no more cookbooks, but if I WON one I think I can bend the rules for myself! I cook! :)

  6. I cook! {The paint color + cabinet pulls alone make *such* a difference. It looks great, Melinda!}

  7. I cook! And I've been wanting this cookbook forever!!

  8. I cook! Sometimes. Haha.

    Your kitchen looks great! What a difference.

  9. And I follow your blog on Google Reader..if that counts.

  10. I cook! The kitchen looks awesome. We have been renovating our house for over a year now! I love to see your before and afters!

  11. I cook! Would love to check out her book!

  12. I also follow your blog :-)

    Great job on the kitchen re-model.

  13. I cook! (The kitchen looks fantastic!)

  14. I cook! And your kitchen is an excellent reminder to keep on chugging with ours because I'm hoping our final product looks as good as your after does!

  15. And I follow you on Twitter...

  16. And I follow your blog (in Google Reader)!

  17. I also follow your blog (google reader)

    And I'm from the Triangle :)

  18. And now I follow you on Twitter (yay!)

  19. I cook! Congrats on your beautiful new kitchen!

  20. I cook! Occasionally. Plus no shipping fees. Pick me!

  21. I cook! but wish I was more like Ree. (I made one of her pizza's once they were TO DIE FOR) so ya, I'd love to win :)

    On a side note ; the kitchen is fab. Love the color and lighting. :)