Friday, April 29, 2011

I have a hater!

This morning while I was live tweeting the royal wedding, I saw a flurry of tweets about William's red uniform.  I'm the first girl on the man in uniform train - heck, I'm the conductor.  Talk about making me weak in the knees. Talk about making my heart go pitter patter.  Talk about making me coco for coco puffs.

I also have this weird notion that I somehow earned the right to brag about Mr. Palindrome's smokin' hotness in that uniform.  Something about the deployments, the sea time, the long distance, the no comms - call me cray cray. So when I saw the drooling tweets about the handsome red uniform, I tweeted:
Three minutes later, I receive a reply notice:
My first thought?  Yes! I just got a hate tweet!  Twate.  And that means, I've made it to the big time!
Thanks JP!


  1. Um... wow... so this person just joined twitter to bully people? NICE.

    Congrats on your hate tho!

  2. LOL. :) I have a lot of haters, sigh. Welcome to the club! ;)

  3. I think the fact that he spelled "#you'renotspecial" as "yournotspecial" kinda sums up his intelligence level.

  4. You've made it into the big leagues, darling. ;)

  5. Oh for heaven's sake...that guy needs to learn how to spell/use proper grammar! Yuck...

  6. Trollop. That's all I have to say about that. (And girl, I'm with you on the uniform train. USMC dress blues? *Drools all over the keyboard*)

  7. Sounds like you've got the right attitude!

    PS If you do decide to come out to SF let me know! I'm happy to give any advice I can (althogh at this point my experience is limited to the few small blocks surrounding my apt...)